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Cherimoya: The World’s Favorite Fruit!

Cherimoya is the world's most favorite fruit and for good reason! In this video I talk about the flavor and how to eat it. It's so good!

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20 Comments on Cherimoya: The World’s Favorite Fruit!

  1. You’re so beautiful and look so amazingly vibrant! I wish I could move in with you because you know so much and eat awesome food 🙂

  2. hi your video is amazing – i have been trying hard to stay raw vegan but so far not successful. I feel hungry very easily – nearly right after i eat my fruits- also i have very low energy whenever i eat raw only. Please advise how i can overcome this. Many thanks. Greatly appreciate.

  3. @letsgetboredtogether Sounds like you may not be eating enough. If you focus on more dense fruits like bananas and dates, they’ll hold you over longer. Have a big smoothie of 7-10 ripe bananas blended together for a very satisfying meal. If you really carb up you’ll have a lot more energy. You may need more minerals too and if that’s the case, make sure you eat plenty of greens.

  4. Good stuff! I just came across these fruits last week at the local Zehr’s store (in Canada), and I love them. They have a really unique taste.

  5. 99.9% chance that you are dealing with chronic adrenal weakness..just
    as the rest of the 99.9% of the population..
    staying away from any stimulants (coffee etc), take adrenal enhancing herbs
    Ashwaganda, Siberian ginseng, Licorice root, along with adrenal glandulars..go long term and continue raw foods..meanwhile, detoxifying ..your’ll be good to go

  6. I bought one at whole foods and it was soft, I thought it was ripe but it smelt funny? Is it normal for it to have a little funky sour smell? Is it a smelly type of fruit like a durian is?

  7. When they’re over ripe they do tend to smell funny, kind of like cheese. They also don’t taste good to me when they’re super ripe. They’re kind of medicine-like. When you get a good one, you definitely know! You’ll be oohing & mmmmmm-ing through the whole thing. You want it to just barely give when you press on it, with no hard areas, much like a good ripe avocado. Also, I prefer the ones with the “large shingle” looking skin. Smooth, green, with no spiky bumps or protrusions.

  8. I’ve been spoiling myself nearly three times a week for the past month with this fruit and at 4.99 a piece…ain’t no cheap investment! I spare no cost when it comes to exotic fruits! My question is…is it okay to eat more than one cherimoya in one sitting? I’ve briefly read a thing or two about this fruit causing brain cancer (I understand too much of a good thing can certainly be a bad thing) but I thought the thought might be a bit extreme. Anyone… Shall I indulge as I please?

  9. On the contrary, this fruit is known as one of the most powerful cancer healers on the planet. I always make a large meal of cherimoya when I have it. Indulge away!!! :0)

  10. where in the U.S do you live that you can get them? I remember eating soursop in colombia. in south chicago area I havent come across them

  11. They grow very well here in Southern California. They sell them at Whole Foods when they’re in season. I’ve purchased some really good cherimoya there.

  12. If it’s edible and you’re not allergic to it and it’s from the earth,then by all  means go for it.You only live once !

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