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Banana Island Interrupted

How and why my banana island ended

Song: Impact Andante by Kevin MacLeod

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31 Comments on Banana Island Interrupted

  1. Banana Island was such a good experience, I will definitely do it again if
    I ever feel the need. I really enjoyed my salad tonight! It was nice to
    have a desire for lettuce & greens again. :0)

  2. There is no such thing as “the flu”, these are just detox symptoms
    themselves, fancily labeled as an “illness”, as the body works to cleanse
    itself. You should keep digging deep on your detox, but this time with more
    astringent fruit like grapes, melons and berries. You’ll see a world of a
    difference compared to the not-as-hydrating/pulling bananas. Just my words
    of advice. 🙂 If you’re going to really detox, go hard. Make it worth it.
    Consider herbal tinctures for lymphatic system and kidneys too, they’re

    • +porcelaindolli3 I agree. Although I was doing banana island more as a
      reset and to give my digestion a break and not with the intention to detox.
      I’m definitely with you on eating more cleansing fruits to detox. As summer
      rolls around with more variety of juicy fruits, I will probably go after
      that detox effect. Thank you for sharing! :0)

  3. Not sure, but this video seemed a bit spooky…lol. glad you feel
    better..what benefits do you get from sapphires? Michael sells those! :)

    • +Politically Incorrect Ha ha…Thank you! Well, each sapphire color has
      different properties and they all have so many different benefits. Blue –
      awareness and discipline. Yellow – abundance and strength of will. Orange –
      creativity, sexuality and zest for life. Pink – love and forgiveness. And,
      so much more for each one. That is the very general answer. :0)

  4. very interesting stone experience. You have had very strong reactions to
    stones/crystals in the past as well so I tend to think that maybe it was
    that? But who knows..really could have been anything..none of us were there
    so all of those who comment can only guess. 🙂 Not everyone has such strong
    reactions to crystals..perhaps that is something you should explore in more
    detail – you seem to have a major connection with them. The important thing
    is that whether it was a shift or some physical reaction, you are feeling
    better ..even more important, your cycle back is a wonderful thing. <3

    • +radiantchristina Thank you, Christina! It’s so nice to feel back in
      balance again. I am definitely having fun exploring crystals and their
      properties and I’m learning a lot. I always appreciate your feedback! xoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing! We are therapists on a raw food diet since a loooong
    time. We are working in France with many “energetic” tools (Sacred Forms,
    Plants, stones…). We have a lot of practice in that field…
    Stones have a capacity to free your ancient cell memories, to leaven up the
    energy of your vibration, the fever appears when the process is speed up,
    it’s not a bad thing… For us, it’s clearly an energetic transformation,
    that you are coming through. At the moment, a lot of transformation is
    taking place on earth. It’s a very deep “cleaning” time for all of us, but
    these with their conscious open, are really living this period deeply
    You’re doing a wonderful job there :)))
    Your Stone that you’re having in a your hand has a very high and wonderful
    energy by the way , your cells need to adjust their vibration with it.
    With lots of love.

    If you want to know us more: (ANG)

    • +KaroAdC Thank you so much for sharing!!! Very interesting to hear more
      about what you do. I resonate with everything you mentioned here and really
      appreciate the information. How wonderful you are assisting others in such
      a beautiful way! Much love to you – Xo!

  6. I am not sure I understand banana island. bananas don’t have enough water
    so you have to add water that is not as good. orange island is so much more
    cleansing, and you don’t have to drink any water at all. most sources of
    water are compromised, so getting your water from water rich organic fruit
    is important

    • +The Fruit Addict The reason for bananas is they’re so satiating and
      filling, plus very easy to digest when they’re ripe. Banana island isn’t as
      much for cleansing as it is giving your digestive system a break and giving
      your body an overall re-set. For those interested in deep cleansing, then
      orange island is the way to go. :0)

  7. Well I do know I feel energy, higher vibrational, develop in my body with
    new stones. Unfortunately there’s also those symptoms of detoxing some
    bug/virus going around. my kids are in school and many in class are out
    sick with this week the past week.
    Personally when these things happen to me I feel these two possible reasons
    are both true for me so I may feel it more and be more open to the message
    it brings. No matter what Im certain they are here to serve me as a teacher
    and elevator of my being when they are done.

    • +spiritual nutrition Such a great video…thank you for sharing! Yes, it
      definitely makes sense the way he breaks it down. ? ?

  8. So grateful that you have worked through your detox. You have inspired me
    to order a box of bananas and embrace banana island. Thank you, A friend of
    mine has Morgellan’s. I encouraged her to use the zapper. Positive results!

    • +innershifttv Thank you! Wow, that’s great! I’m happy to hear you’re
      inspired. So glad you encouraged your friend to use the zapper…that’s
      wonderful!!! :0)

  9. I hope you are feeling much better today! As far as the stone goes, I’m
    betting on an energy shift, especially if you feel better now!

    • +Mary G Thank you so much, Mary! I’m definitely feeling better and I really
      appreciate your feedback! :0)

  10. This is so interesting. All those benefits of that stone really resonate
    with me… I’ll have to look out for one!

    I just came off a water fast and am experiencing flu like symptoms, so it
    makes me happy to know that’s what it could be related to ?

  11. Glad you are feeling better! I don’t know much about stones but I do like
    them and believe they carry energy that effects us. I’ve had my own
    experiences with them, but not done much to study them beyond just
    searching the Internet. Your experience was very interesting to read about.
    Glad you are expanding and sharing about gems now <3

  12. I feel an energy detox along with the shift. When your energy shifts this
    is very normal. Also I work with crystals everyday and have learnt
    repeatedly over the years that their powers are very very real and so
    loving. So excited for you. The awakening is touching us all. Enjoy

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