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Banana “Ice Cream” with Caramel Date Sauce

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4-5 Frozen Bananas
2 Ripe Room Temp Bananas (half of one sliced on top)
15 Fresh Halawy Dates or 7 Medjool Dates (Pitted)
1 soft ripe persimmon

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21 Comments on Banana “Ice Cream” with Caramel Date Sauce

  1. I love greens, especially lettuce, spinach, arugula & celery! It’s important to keep the fat intake down to 10% or less of your total calories for optimal health so I don’t eat nuts, seeds or avocados often. I make lots of raw soups but don’t eat grains as they’re too harsh on my system. I choose not to eat any cooked foods. :0)

  2. I highly recommend reading The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham. That’s the best book on this diet and he talks about Diabetes and how to heal from Type 2.

  3. I really really really want to go fruitarian. I’m vegan now and have been for 1 year. But, I feel really heavy with many cooked meals, so going raw is what I want to do. People keep saying that transitioning is important but I’m more of an all-or-nothing kind of girl and like to jump right into things, not go slowly or do any sort of transition. But my question is, does it take a long time to get used to eating mainly fruit? Or does it only take a few weeks and then you have no more cravings?

  4. Every person is different. It can take a little getting used to at first because if you’re used to eating mostly cooked food, it’s a big change. If you eat enough fruit to satisfy your caloric needs everyday & don’t limit yourself in any way, you shouldn’t have cravings. It’s really when you under eat that cravings take hold. Minerals are important too, so don’t forget your greens. I’d say commit to 2 or 4 weeks & see how you do. Since you’re an all or nothing type, you’ll probably do great!

  5. Didn’t read all the comments but why didn’t you put the dates and persimmon in the Vitamix with the bananas?

  6. You could certainly do that. I didn’t because I wanted to make a caramel sauce with them to put on top of the banana ice cream.

  7. i hear letting grind on slow is bad for machine. use high like everyone else and vitamix website suggests this too

  8. Yes! I found out this happens when you run the machine on low with thick substances causing the motor to quickly overheat. Instead with things like banana ice-cream, the machine should turn on high quickly (within 3 seconds) so the fans cooling the motor also turn on high, while it’s working hard to blend thicker ingredients. I always kept it on a lower setting because I thought the loud sound it created was a bad thing. Not so. I didn’t know this when I made this video but now I do! :0)

  9. yeah glad they confirmed it. i now think it’s because on low setting the fan is spinning too slow so it overheats quickly. i used to make peanut butter on low setting and i smelled the rubber/plastic burning. scared the crap out of me =/

  10. Yes, that’s exactly what they said about the fan. When the blender is on low the fan is low, when it’s on high the fan is cooling on high.

  11. A VitaMix will cost me just under 1400dollars in Iceland… that’s a 167.000 icelandic kroners! 
    how much is it where you live in california ? 

  12. Just found your channel.  Great recipe!  I am definitely a fan!  Already subscribed and look forward to seeing more of your recipes.  Thanks!

  13. I’m going to try this right NOW – can’t wait as I love the date caramel taste.  Thanks!

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