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Adding More Fat Into My Diet… Big Mistake!

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53 Comments on Adding More Fat Into My Diet… Big Mistake!

  1. After many months of increasing my fat intake, it finally caught up with me in an unpleasant way. Ugh!!! Eating closer to the 80/10/10 ratio really seems to suit me best on a high fruit diet.

  2. this happens to me anytime I eat more fat and for sure more nuts and nut butters , the right amount is what i need , I love how you are showing how to adjust and listen to your body because everyone is different

    • +TANNYRAW Thank you, Tanny! Yes, the right amount is different for everyone and it’s so important to tune in to what your body is needing, which may change from time to time. xo

  3. Thank you for this video!! I have been experimenting with more fats and it wasn’t good either. My bloating was so intense and I felt so antsy and anxious. When I eat less fat I definitely feel better. Sending your tummy healing vibes!!! We learn what works for us, and its a blessing to be able to experience and learn from it!! Xoxo {hugssss}

    • +tamisweetie Thank you so much for the healing vibes!!! It is such a blessing to learn what works and what doesn’t, and to be able to adjust accordingly. I miss you!!!! Big hugs to you!! xoxo

  4. thank you for sharing your experience and I hope your tummy gets well soon! What appr. percentage was your fat intake on the increased level? Very interesting! It really seems like “sugar”+fat is a bad combination!….and I’ve seen in a documentary that at a certain ratio the combination is addictive!

    • +mimirimini Thank you very much for the well wishes! I was eating somewhere between 18-20% fat. Yes, sugar and fat do not go well in large amounts together, even with proper food combining. Very interesting about the documentary info. Thank you for sharing!!

    • It is a BBC documentary called “sugar vs. fat” – quite interesting! Two doctors who are twin brothers do a 4-week experiment where one eats high-carb and the other high fat and see what happens to their health, weight etc. there is an upload on dailymotion where you can watch it :)!

  5. Perfect timing on this video. I have the same thing happening right now. I had done a 7 day water fast about a month ago and lost SO much weight. I was amazed at how fast it came off – I could almost hear my body thanking me for doing the fast (thank you for your water fast videos, by the way). Anyway, five days into my re-feeding, I fell and broke my heel bone, so now I’m non-weight bearing for 2 months. Now I can’t exercise as much as I want to build the muscle – so … anyway! I started adding very small amounts of fat to aid in the healing and it’s backfired just a bit, because my digestion is wonky again, my mood is all over and I feel so sluggish.

    The learning curve on the perfect way of eating is wearing me out, but … I’m getting healthier little by little. Thanks again for your videos.

    • +rawsynergytv Thank you so much for the expeditious shipping. My husband and I are having great success. Improved digestion, better sleep and the zapper is a miracle device for taking the swelling down on my fractured foot. Amazing. I wore the zapper overnight on my injured foot and the next morning the swelling was considerably diminished. Looking forward to regaining my health.

    • +inspirednow2 Alicia, I have a question – so sorry to bother. I’ve dropped my zapper more than a few times. I think it’s still working because I can put it on my face and oh my, does it tingle. Is there a way to test the zapper?

    • +inspirednow2 Yes, the way to test the zapper is with clean copper contacts and a fresh battery in the zapper, turn the zapper on and place your tongue on BOTH copper contacts at the SAME time and you should feel a strong tingle on your tongue. You won’t feel anything if your tongue is only on one of the contacts. That is the sure fire way to know it’s working. The zappers are pretty durable but the switches can become damaged or wires detached if dropped just right or too many times, so be careful. If the light stops flashing with a fresh battery, then you’ll know the damage has taken its toll. :0) So glad it’s working well for you and your husband!

  6. How cute! I remember the video you interviewed him and how he did not want to be visible in the video – I thought it was adorable! And now he’s doing his own channel! Wow! So proud of him to put himself out there 👏🏻💞

    Alicia, the added fat intake leading to candida symptoms reminds me of ppl doing water fast to eliminate candida. I suppose if one goes back to eating ways that may lead to it it will creep back up. So it is not only processed food or antibiotics but really any source of fat and sugars in blood stream of even healthy ppl that can lead to imbalance.
    I know you have done water fast and juice fast, have you ever done a mono island fast? I’d love to know the result similarities and differences between those three types of fast. I don’t know anyone whose done all three that can compare and share what they achieved from each one.

    • +holy living Thank you so much…I’m really proud of how far he’s come too! 

      I haven’t done a true mono island of any kind yet. It’s definitely something I have thought about many times. It’s funny, I kind of have a block about doing a mono island because I can get sick of foods easily, so I don’t even start. In my mind, it’s easier to just not eat anything than to eat only one type of food for an extended period. I have considered persimmon island but I’m concerned the amount of vitamin A will offset my system and I’ll get those pesky eye styes, which happened last year and was the reason for my juice fast at that time. It’s definitely something I still want to do at some point. :0)

  7. Thanks for sharing. 80/10/10 book clearly warns – not to eat lots of fruits, if you want to eat more fats. I heard brain fog is caused by less fat – specially onega 3, and that coconut oil os good for brain function. Any thoughts?

    • +Hardev Malhotra Yes, and for me those guidelines certainly hold true. You can definitely get brain fog from under eating. I had that at the beginning of my high fruit journey because I wasn’t eating enough calories at first. However, I went without any overt fats for a while, maybe 6 to 9 months, and don’t remember experiencing brain fog then, so I think it depends. I believe the right ratio of fat is important and it will be different for each person. Balance is key. :0)

  8. but you are not saying anything about food combining! you have to follow the golden rule: fruit only in the morning. all non-fruits after noon. I love fruit, but I don’t think a fruit-based diet is great. it is too stimulating. I think eating as much leafy greens as possible is best, and fats like avocados and nut butters make it so easy to eat incredible amounts of greens.

    • +The Fruit Addict love your advice. I also think that a person can still stay within the 10% parameters of fat calories (80-10-10, or at least low fat) while eating said greens + avocado. 🙂

    • +The Fruit Addict My apologies for not mentioning the importance of proper food combining. This is definitely something I’m very careful about. I typically always have my fats with my evening veggie meal and never with sweet fruits. Each person is different, and as I mentioned, I have friends who thrive on a diet high in greens and fats with little fruit, but I also have many friends who thrive on high fruit with little fat. Experimenting to find what makes each person feel their best is important, otherwise there is no way to truly know.

  9. So great to see your husband getting into YouTube!! I followed him on Instagram and will make sure to sub to his channel. The internet needs more vegan men representing, especially the high-carb, low-fat cooked vegan diet!

    • +ilessthan3cats Awesome…thank you so much!!! I agree, we need more men representing plant based eating and he’s a great role model with a good track record. :0)

  10. Interesting~ Thanks for sharing! I was wondering maybe your body was used to so much more sugar and could not metabolize fat.but yeah, I don’t think sugar and fat mix well. In fact it is one or the other people must choose for better digestion among other things. ..good luck for your husband and his new channel, I will check it out!

    • +Politically Incorrect I agree…it’s one or the other. Doing both just wreaks havoc. Thank you for the good wishes on my husband’s channel! We both really appreciate it!

  11. exactly the dilemma I am in! I feel like there are two road – lots of fruit and low fat or lots of greens and higher fat.. I really dont know what to choose or what would feel the best, i wish I could have both lol.. fruit and fat just doesnt mix, and I think I would really miss the fruit!

    • +RawVegan4TheSoul Thank you for sharing, I think that sounds like a great balance, its definitely what Im planning on to trying out first 🙂

  12. That’s why I removed all overt fats from my diet completely, a very long time ago. I haven’t had any overt fats in a long while and I’m feeling my best without them. When I was eating walnuts (raw and soaked – they were my favourite overt fats), I was feeling lethargic, heavy, my digestion was very slow, I got constipated and I wasn’t feeling light and full of energy. I could never reduce the fruits in my diet just to have overt fats. And I don’t even crave overt fats anyway, plus I totally dislike avocado. So only very, very low fat (just the fats in fruits/veggies) and very very high carb raw vegan for me (which I totally love) 🙂

    • +mihaela ion That is awesome, and so interesting! Thank you very much for sharing you story. It’s good for others to be able to hear what works for you because it may help them in their journey to health. :0)

  13. Thanks for sharing, Alicia! I had the exact same experience. I started eating a little more fat while testing for my new ebook and I just kept wanting more and more fat and really didn’t feel good. Now that I’m back on the fruity/less fat side I feel that lightness and peppiness again! Like you said I feel like singing and dancing. So refreshing! Thanks again for sharing and being honest! 😉 <3

    • +Erin Volentine You’re welcome, Erin! It is a night and day difference! But it’s so nice that we are very resilient and have the ability to go off track a little and then return to a higher state of being in a short time. Very grateful for that! Thank YOU for sharing here! So many can relate to you as well and it’s helpful for viewers to hear other people’s experiences as they scroll through. xoxo

  14. I cannot have more than 15%, otherwise I start to feel sluggish with similar symptoms to yours. Glad you’re feeling better.😊

    • +RawVegan4TheSoul Hello! I’d be happy on 20%, since I need to put on weight. But I drink lots of veggie juice throughout the day, which helps me get much needed calories. How long have you been on this journey?

    • +RawVegan4TheSoul I had been going back and forth between 95% and 99%. But I just came to the conclusion that the closest I get to 100%, the better I feel. That’s where I am now. Nice to meet you, by the way! +RawVegan4TheSoul

    • +rawsynergytv I just started, so I can’t really tell long term effects. I am expecting that it will be only better with it. DHA is one of the Omega 3 acids, the one that we get least as vegans. It is important for brain, heart, eyes, neural system, etc. development and regeneration. It helps omega 3 and 6 ratio get in balance. (It is far easier to get omega 6 in our diet, which is often the case.) And supposedly, when in check, it removes cravings for fat since it is satisfied. That is roughly what my research has taught me. There is no indication that supplementing could ever hurt us. For vegans, there is DHA extracted from phytoplanktons. (please no one comment that phytoplanktons are alive and not vegan 😉 Often it is supplemented as fish oil. Hope this helps. I guess, I am saying, maybe you didn’t need more fat overall but more of omega 3s.

    • +Duska Poljak Thank you for sharing with me! Very interesting. You’ll have to let me know how it works out for you and any positive changes you experience. I would love to hear about it. :0)

  15. Testing and experimenting is important, but when you find what works for you, it’s a good feeling. Glad to see you’ve found your comfortable ratio. I’m definitely better on lower recipes too 👌🏻💚

  16. I am having a lot of these symptoms you mentioned – bloating, gassines, terrible sleep and zombie brain in the morning and worse digestion! I don’t do 100% raw anyway but I did start eating much more oil lately – coconut oil and olive oil. I will attempt cutting oil out completely for a while and who knows!!!

    • +FrootKat Yes, oils provide a lot of fat in such small amounts with little nutrition. They’re basically expensive calories. I’m guessing you’ll feel a big difference without them. Thank you for sharing! Hope you feel much better soon. :0)

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your experience Alicia! I recently tried adding a lot more fat into my diet after the Woodstock Fruit Festival and even went easy on the fruit, eating huge (SUPER FATTY) salads at night and green juicing during the day…and I still ended up with terrible candida! My colon hydrotherapist was able to confirm it too. I also gained 12 pounds in 8 weeks, had terrible cravings for cooked food (and more fat like you mentioned), depression, mood swings, binge eating behaviors, and the worst yeast infection I’ve ever had in my life! I’m glad I was able to experiment though and at least try it out…as raw foodists, we’re kind of our own guinea pigs 😉 Sounds like you’re back to feeling vibrant though! As for me…it’ll probably take a good month of heavy cleansing, haha

    • +Rawchelle Wow, Rachelle, that’s so interesting! Thank you for sharing! We are definitely just a bunch of guinea pigs experimenting on ourselves. It’s the only way to really know what works for us as individuals and what doesn’t. Sending lots of healing wishes your way for feeling much better fast!!! xoxo

  18. I really appreciate this video. I have been vegan for a little more than a year (cooked) mostly greens. No bread, nuts or starchy veggies. But, I lately added nuts, breads and starchy veggies back in and have gained weight back 😞 and have all the same issues mentioned in your video. So, I would like to try the raw vegan diet. Not really sure where to start. I will look through you videos but any suggestions would be appreciated as well. I just don’t want to set myself up for failure by letting myself get too hungry and make poor food choices. Thanks again for the video

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