Earn a Living Trading Forex

Trading Start Date 9th July 2018


Ten years ago I tried forex trading for a couple of years as I started to earn money using my phone or laptop. When I look back whether it was betting or trading losses usually always came down to my own lack if discipline.

I seem to be a different man these days who has been on a huge learning curve this last 10 years. During this time i've tried about every make money scheme that involves little or no effort. Not surprising none of them last. Of course there are one or two reputable companies on this blog but income can fluctuate quite a bit.


I had written trading off due to my own notorious lack discipline however I also know some successful traders. When I met Clint the CEO of the company I use to learn I started to take an interest in what he was saying. He gave me so much of his time and made me believe in his methods by showing me his results. I also listened to what members were reporting and they were every happy.


I felt like I wanted to try...

Clint sent me a link to open a trade account with "etorro" brokers that got me a free $100 when I deposited $100.


etorro $100 bonus link 
Of course you can use any broker you wish I just wanted to use the same broker as Clint. It worked out well because any parts i got stuck on he coached me on.


Clint was good enough to give me a special deal to join his service so he could prove he was the real deal. Not many service owners are prepared to put their money where their mouth is like Clint.

I have arranged the same heavily discounted deal for people in my community. Mention Steve Hodder sent you will pay a lot less to be part of his inner circle.


Now Clint's teaching is by all accounts, certainly from what I have heard from other members phenomenal... but I i'm i a position where don't want to learn something if I don't know for certain it works. I've had many false dawns over the years.




So I decided my plan would be to try and mirror his personal portfolio for the next 6 months and see where I end up.

Members always have access to his current portfolio in a special section of the website. Regular trade updates are also sent out by email.

Right now what i know is...

I am swing trading,

I have my risk management in place thanks to Clint's coaching.

I'm finding it easy to copy his live portfolio.


I will learn as I grow in confidence as the profits start to mount up. Then trading really becomes worth learning so you ca earn a living with a laptop/phone from anywhere with an internet connection.



RESULTS - From join date 9/7/2018 to 11/8/2018 

I've now been trading for 31 days and my original starting bank of £1000 has now grown to £1301.

That's a 30% increase this month.

I would like to add that my first 5 trades placed all lost and wiped out 20% of my starting balance so to be 30% in profit is quite an achievement.


NB. I deposited an extra £200 to cover some trading positions during the last month so my balance show £1501 instead of £1301. This was a temporary loan to my trading account and will be withdrawn shortly to keep £1000 as the total starting investment.

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This link takes you to Clint's company website if you want to take a closer look... Nonagon Trading Academy


If you would like to follow my live trades you can join my facebook group where every trade gets posted as it happens.

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