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Are Bitcoin Sellers Sharpening Their Knives?

27th April 2019 37

Bitcoin has recently seen a sudden drop. But what could this potentially mean for Bitcoin? Is there a high probability of further drops? We look at the charts to explain. For more on Bitcoin visit:

Trading & Crypto

Another Failed Rally in These Two Cryptos?

25th April 2019 32

Could this be yet another failed rally in these two major cryptos we have been watching? One has seen a false breakout, and the other is coming close to support. We examine the charts. For […]

Trading & Crypto

When Will I Change My Mind on Bitcoin?

24th April 2019 10

How can you know with a high degree of probability that bitcoin has likely started a bull market? What needs to happen first. In this video we reveal 3 very important and interesting scenarios on […]

Trading & Crypto

Are We in A New Bitcoin Bull Market?

23rd April 2019 36

Is it likely that we have started a new bitcoin bull market? What are the Elliott Wave counts potentially saying? We examine the facts.. For more on bitcoin visit:

Trading & Crypto

Will Bitcoin Provide a SECOND Chance to Buyers?

20th April 2019 37

Bitcoin's rally has everyone thinking we have entered a new bull market. But how probable is that? Could Bitcoin offer another chance at the previous lows? We look at the charts. For more on bitcoin […]

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This Currency is on the Edge of a Cliff

16th April 2019 39

Could one of the world's major currencies be on the verge of falling off a cliff edge? It looks like it might just do that, if the charts are correct. Let's look at the facts. […]

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The Bitcoin Chart NOBODY is Seeing Right Now

10th April 2019 31

There are some important signals on a chart of bitcoin that very few people are watching right now. What does it mean for BTC? We explain in this video. For more on Bitcoin visit: For […]

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