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Two Danger Signals for the Markets Show Up Again

21st July 2019 48

There appear to be two dangerous signals for the major markets that few people are paying attention to. This may spell trouble for the stock markets. We cover these in our video. #StockMarket #SP500 #Dow […]

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Someone is Pretending to Be Me… (be careful)

17th July 2019 33

It appears someone is impersonating me on Youtube, Gmail, Facebook and social media. Please be careful and if you receive any emails from this person – i.e. from a Gmail or facebook account (or other […]

Trading & Crypto

Will Bitcoin Flush Out the Bulls?

16th July 2019 22

What could the recent volatile drop in Bitcoin mean for BTC? And what does our leading indicator say about the crypto? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani For membership: For the LT Time […]

Trading & Crypto

Is Bitcoin’s REAL Target $1 Million?

13th July 2019 39

Could bitcoin potentially head to $1 million? What could trigger such an event? And what could drive bitcoin down to zero? I ask these questions from bitcoin expert Dominic Frisby. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #DominicFrisby For membership […]

Trading & Crypto

Bitcoin’s Most Likely Next Move?

11th July 2019 30

Bitcoin's rally seems to have stalled so far at the 61.8% fibonacci retracement level. A recent rally failed to move above that level. So what could this mean for BTC? We look at the charts. […]

Trading & Crypto

Is This Bitcoin’s LEADING Indicator?

5th July 2019 31

What is Bitcoin's Leading indicator? Which crypto or market could be a leading clue as to what Bitcoin may do next? We have an interesting answer in this video. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #Litecoin For the LT […]

Trading & Crypto

Has the Next Major BULL Market Started?

3rd July 2019 33

Is there a new major bull market underway? It is a key market that few people are talking about, but it is worth looking at its chart. Gold has broken key resistance – so what […]

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