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Here’s What My War Indicator is Now Saying

21st June 2019 42

The war indicator is approaching a dangerous level as tensions with Iran are increasing and the possibility of a war could now be imminent. What could war mean for Bitcoin or the stock markets – […]

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Is This Leading Indicator Now LAGGING the Market?

17th June 2019 47

Could this important leading indicator for the markets now be lagging behind – or is it sending a strong warning instead? We examine the charts of both bitcoin and the stock markets. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #StockMarkets […]

Trading & Crypto

Bitcoin’s Next Big Move Setting Up Now

15th June 2019 33

Bitcoin's Next Big Move Setting Up Now After a brief pause, Bitcoin has surged higher again. What could this mean and what are the potential wave counts on Bitcoin. We look at the charts. #Bitcoin […]

Trading & Crypto

Here’s Exactly WHEN I am Buying Bitcoin

8th June 2019 28

If Bitcoin's uptrend has potentially started, then what simple and useful strategies could traders use to know when to buy bitcoin? I explain in this new video. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD For more visit: For membership:

Trading & Crypto

The Crash Has Started… Now What?

3rd June 2019 30

The markets have broken key support levels and this has started a potentially major drop. What could this potentially mean for the stock markets? We look at the charts. #SP500 #StockMarket For more visit: For […]

Trading & Crypto

Is a Bitcoin BULL Market Now Confirmed?

2nd June 2019 30

Now that Bitcoin has had a massive sustained rally, can we now say with confidence that a Bull market has potentially started in BTC? Are there any doubts or concerns about a bull market? We […]

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