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Dr Sebi is a man whose knowledge about food and health is unrivalled.
He is the only man ever to prove in a US supreme court that AIDS, Cancer and more can be cured with food by bringing in a stream of patients as witnesses. Needless to say won his case against big pharma.
His belief that by eating electric food that alkalise the body can regenerate cells and recover from any illness.

Dr Sebi - "Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

Cure for all Disease???

2nd November 2016 0

This man talks common sense that everyone can understand. His modality is simple feed the body with its ultimate fuel… electric/alkaline foods and herbs. No hybrid foods like carrots, potatoes which are made by man […]

Dr Sebi - "Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

Dr. Sebi | Electric Food, The Only Food

1st September 2016 45

Electric Food, the Only Food ft. Dr. Sebi at AIC with Bert Lockett!!! The quality is not great however info is invaluable. #Dr. Sebi #Electric Foods #Body Electric #bio-electrical

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