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Eating Basil Produces These Amazing Results In Lowering High Blood Pressure


Basil is a plant that has been several health benefits when consumed. The herb contains many essential minerals like iron, calcium and zinc. According to sources, basil historically has been used to help in fight against upset stomachs, headaches and common colds, but may also be an effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Researchers at Xinjiang Medical University, found that an extract basil reduced blood pressure in a similar way to medication. The herb has an affect on the levels of endothelins, which constrict the blood vessels.

Another study from an issue of “Journal of Natural Remedies” analysed the effects of a compound extracted from basil on metabolic syndrome, of which high blood pressure is a typical component. The volunteers who took 5 millilitres of the extract two times a day for 12 weeks systolic (top reading of blood pressure) dropped an average of 13 points. The same participants diastolic (bottom reading) dropped an average of eight points.

Scientist in an issue of “Studies of Ethno-Medicine,” also concluded that basil was beneficial to lowering high blood pressure.

Basil is usually sold in the stores fresh or dried. The herb can be consumed by cooking it in tomato sauce, pesto sauce, or plenty of other dishes. Basil can also be added to salads.