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7 Of The Healthiest Alkaline Pastas In The World That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Talk About

Green Banana Pasta

Green banana pasta is made from green banana flour. Green bananas are very nutritious and are popular in the Caribbean, Africa, South America, Pacific Islands and Central America.

The benefits of green bananas are its ability to aid heart health, boost immune system, reduce cholesterol, treat diarrhoea, promote colon health, help the body to absorb nutrients, promote weight loss, treat anaemia, lower blood pressure, fight depression and treat heartburn & ulcers. Green bananas are also rich in fibre.


Kamut Pasta

Kamut pasta is made from the flour of the ancient kamut grain. The name “KAMUT” is trademarked, which means it is a controlled grain and must always be organically grown and GMO free. The benefits of Kamut include its ability to balance blood glucose, aid heart health, promote healthy skin and nails, manage diabetes, boost energy, promote growth and development, fight ageing, lower cholesterol and help digestion health.


Spelt Pasta

Spelt pasta is made from the flour of the ancient grain, spelt. Which is said to one of the oldest cultivated crops in human history, dating back to 6,000 BC. Spelt health benefits include its ability to aid in the creation of sex hormones, build strong bones, reduce cholesterol levels in the body, lower blood sugar, increase circulation, help in regulating the body’s metabolism, improve the immune system and boost digestive function.


Quinoa Pasta

Quinoa pasta is made from the ancient quinoa grain, that was cultivated for first time around 5,000 BC, according to multiple sources. The main health benefits of quinoa include, helping to manage diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels, boosting cardiovascular health, controlling the appetite, increasing the supply of antioxidants, and improving the digestive system.


Amaranth Pasta

Amaranth pasta is made from the amaranth grain, which is one of the most ancient forms of cultivated food dating back to 8000 years. The alkaline grain is extremely important for human health and its benefits include the ability to protect the heart, boost the immune system, promote growth and development, strengthen the bones, increase circulation, optimise digestion, lower appetite, and keep hair looking young.


Rye Pasta

The ancient rye grain is used to make rye pasta. Rye was first cultivated about 4000 years ago. The health benefits of rye include its ability to lower your risk of diabetes, lower your blood pressure, help with weight loss efforts, increase the efficiency of your digestive system, help prevent gallstones, generally protect your cardiovascular health, prevent various types of cancer and even lower the chances of developing childhood asthma.


Tef Pasta

Tef pasta is made from the ancient Ethiopian grain, Tef. The health benefits of this tef include helping with weight loss, reducing menstrual issues, improving bone health, increasing circulation, supporting proper growth and development, increasing heart health, aiding people with celiac disease, managing diabetic symptoms, optimising digestion, and boosting the immune system.