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Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-12-14) – It’s never too late to Buy Bitcoin

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27 Comments on Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-12-14) – It’s never too late to Buy Bitcoin

  1. Andy keeps saying he doesn’t know anyone that has Crypto. He clearly hasn’t left his sheltered bubble of Colorado. It’s an f’ing mania in LA. half my co-workers own crypto (Buying in the last two months). One person bought a BTC mining rig and he doesn’t know who Satoshi is. Another bought a BTC mining rig and an ATM but owns zero Bitcoin. These people are getting in without knowing anything about it. Andy, leave your soccer mom lifestyle and travel someplace to see reality.

    • Yeah it sounds hard to believe but I doubt he is in a normal work place like yourself. He did say not heard of or know how to get into Bitcoin. Outside of my IT job I don’t know any people that have Bitcoin and none that know how to start. Even some IT guys want me to skype with them after work to get them started.

    • VC-Crypto . Andy works out of his house. And rarely leaves Colorado. I know this because I’ve been following him for years. I’m not bagging on him otherwise I wouldn’t be following. Just pointing out that he is sheltered. Plus he doesn’t read comments because he gets frustrated with trolls and ‘throws the baby (good comments) out with the bath water’.😒

    • Why does he need to leave the state more. To meet more people you mean than the 5 plus million in the state that aren’t in Crypto. (this is supposed to be light-hearted humour not that passive agressive shite)
      Does his general comments seem a bit one sided usually as I haven’t analysed it enough to pick it up?

    • I’ve been telling people about Bitcoin since 2015. Most people “hear” but can’t “listen” – even when you show them the charts and tell them what it is.

  2. I don’t know what it is but Andy has this positive vibe about him, like “stick around this guy if you want to get rich”.

  3. Interesting Change to Note here on the WCN show today as I blog on this stuff daily and watch details: — ‎ “16311.82 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price….”…..

    (Note – 1st ever day this channel has inputted this wording/info — they have ALWAYS used the Winkdex / Winklevoss Capital Index for this line item!

  4. has been the best for me. 3 day verification and instant money transfer. I also have a Gdax/Coinbase acct with a unbelievable 7+ day money transfer wait. That’s a lifetime in crypto.

  5. Coin base is really fucked up they put limits on you we can’t buy any bit coin or sell any bit coin it’s bullshit

  6. If you have a $15,000 sell limit you can’t even sell one bit coin with coin base I suggest everyone look elsewhere to trade your bitcoin

  7. everyone’s shitting on Coinbase and others who haven’t implemented segwit when there should have been a block size increase long ago.. it’s needed for LN anyway so just do it.

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