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Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-27) – Bitcoin $9000 – Bitcoin Cash vs. Bcash

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Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "-== PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ==- Please do not be "incredibly rude" to @rogerkver. Do not call "#Bitcoin Cash" #Bcash @BitcoinErrorLog "

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41 Comments on Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-27) – Bitcoin $9000 – Bitcoin Cash vs. Bcash

  1. Can you link to the interview??? Would like to see the triggering. It would vastly improve my monday while still existing in corporate america.

    • I formerly shared Ver’s The Bitcoin Gospel to hundreds of Burners as I respected him. Now, we need to flag his videos as false advertising. I now avoid ever mentioning bitcoin jesus and let everyone I deal with know, that VER is a false profit of alts and not some one to listen to.

    • Les Grossman
      He served his time and he only got convicted because of his political beliefs. (Selling recalled fireworks by accident because of 9/11)

  2. Roger Ver: r/Bitcoin won’t let me talk about my altcoin, censorship!
    Also Roger Ver: Don’t call my altcoin bcash! Call it what I want you to call it!

  3. Sorry Madbitcoin. But this was my first downvote for one of your videos. You said, if you were a millionaire by now, you would probably stay quiet not to raise attention of the government. Where has your enthusiasm of 2013 gone? Back then you wanted to bank the unbanked. You were fascinated that everybody in the world could transact with everybody at low cost without permission. Now you have no objections that in order to get a ticket to the bitcoin world, sometimes a fee of 10 USD is required which is 10x what some people have to live for a day. And you lough at people who stick with the former mission of bitcoin. For me this is not OK. This is sad

    • Um, actually, the IRS’s stance on bitcoins is that they are property, and you have to pay taxes on sales of property where that property has increased in value. It has nothing to do with the concept of legal tender.

    • mmortal03
      EXACTLY everything but the conversation to fiat (capital gains) is non taxable. Besides that only 804 people even filed for that. Go figure

    • super4papi you are correct, he is just another brainwashed bay area libtard millennial. He’s the one who said in Paralelni Polis that real communism was never really tried, thereby insulting to the core the whole country of Czechia hosting the conference who endured 40+ years of that heinous system.. Such a fucking travesty….

  4. Government is a never ending of fixing the problem it makes in the first place. It’s where there is always an entity that profits of legal monopolization at the cost of legalized force. Never ending cycle of fixing the fixing that fixes the fix. Thats fine in a free market but in governemnt we all have to pay for the actions of others we dont even agree with at the point of a gun.

    • That is called problem, reaction, solution. The government creates a problem. Then the masses react and demand they fix it. Then the government responds with a solution that they already wanted to deploy. Which is why they create the problem in the first place. So people will beg for a solution.

  5. Couldn’t this dude climb out of bed for 15 minutes to do the interview? LOL he’s laying there with his blanket and pillow and everything.

  6. Haven’t seen the interview – but don’t be undisciplined slobs, just call a person or a community by the name they want (Bitcoin Cash) not by some made-up thing they obviously don’t want (BCash, BTrash, etc.). Basic respect or slobby disrespect?

    • I understand. I use Segwit addresses. I know it’s “effectively” a larger block size (faster and cheaper) compared to legacy, but it’s still really 1mb. Not sure how else to name it otherwise. Maybe BCH ought to be named Bitcoin 8mb? That might encourage more technical discourse – the pros and cons of bigger or limited blocks, on-chain vs off-chain transactions, going forward. Looks like both B-‘s (another commenter suggested BCore and BCash!) will be around anyway, so we’ll see… (Now if we could only get those miners to stop jumping back and forth, so we could judge on the merits.)

    • Look at Roy getting into the ring! At the end of the day this debate is good. Don’t forget when the federal reserve commissar decides what inflation targets are and what interest rates are going to be that is outright communism without debate. Inflation is theft and the dollar has lost 97% of its value since the federal reserve was chartered. So here we are, not used to such contentious arguments, but they are good and necessary.
      Some one called me a shill today because I want Bitcoin to be usable. Do I want one Bitcoin? Yes, the best way to fight inflation is with 21,000,000 and NO MORE. BUT, core and their government fanboys have been absolutely intolerable the last half year, embarrassing themselves with ludicrous public statements and expending more energy on bashing Libertarians than trying to learn basic economics. It is repulsive and exhausting and the exodus has begun. Satoshi Nakamoto was a Libertarian you libtard ingrates!

    • Speaking of rings – this 3-ring circus going on now (I’m including Ethereum for no good reason) is nothing compared to when “the powers that be” start trying to pull the whole tent down. I think we are all under one tent, and this is just practice fighting.

    • “Libtards” – another indication of your IQ and emotional state. I’m sure you want something good deep in your heart though, so good luck.

  7. You guys still think that “The Bitcoin Movement” is legit? If so, you are very naive. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold are all Bitcoin; there are all desingned to MONOPOLIZE crypto. Don’t let it happen. THINK OUTSIDE BITCOIN. FORGET THE BIRTCOIN DRAMA, SUPPORT THE LITTLE and HONEST PROJECTS.
    BitBean (BEAN CASH) is the REAL BCASH. Micro-Transactions are possible with Bean Cash is the ONE.

  8. You may remember me as a previous donor Thomas. When you upgrade to SEGWIT I will be a donor again. Just sayen.

  9. The pornographer dude was deliberately needling Roger. He was told several times, politely, not to be rude, but he continued delibretely attempting to trigger Roger. He did ask Roger some good questions, but he is ideologically against Bitcoin becoming a currency.

  10. Just watched the mentioned “interview”. Both Roger and John sound like retards. Bickering and dancing with their spoons around a hot soup. This has no value to the community, please WCN stop pulling in wierd btc “gurus” and hodl the facts. We know what btc is. Please don’t ruin it with supporting idiots like John. @John please stop being an emo btc supporter, you are hurting our future with your limited perspective, when you are attacking stupid people. It goes to show, idiots will try to pull you to their level and beat you with experience.

  11. John is awesome

    Edit: the more I watch Thomas interview John the more i like John. He brings up great points.

  12. What happened to the WCN crew. I noticed Tone and Jimmy now do a show everyday on Jimmy’s channel. It was better when you guys were together. The different viewpoints we’re great. Now Jimmy and tone spend a half hour agreeing with each other. No opposing veiw points. Were they annoyed by you bringing up politics?

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