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Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-12) – Bcash Pumps – Big Bang Theory and Mt. Gox Millions

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$5,795.81USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $1582.21 (18.18%) | CoinMarketCap

Flimsy Floor? Bitcoin Charts Suggest Price Declines Still in Play – CoinDesk

The 'Big Bang Theory' Will Dedicate Entire Episode on Bitcoin

Head of Bankrupt Bitcoin Exchange Could Pocket Hundreds of Millions | Fortune

Kyle Torpey on Twitter: "lol. I just talked about how #BitcoinCash's difficulty adjustment algo may have been a deliberate attack on #Bitcoin on @WorldCryptoNet. Tur… "

Luke Dashjr on Twitter: "@officialmcafee @cr1ptog33k @LitecoinMonkey @cryptowilson @JihanWu Then the world in which we live can't support a decentralised currency. (Or we can change PoW until businesses realise they won't have a bus… "

Shawn on Twitter: "@MadBitcoins @WorldCryptoNet @YouTube I only have significant holdings in Bitcoin because of what I've learned and continue to learn from the world World Crypto Network + Andreas… "

Philip Dartnell on Twitter: "@WorldCryptoNet @MadBitcoins Hey Thomas what happened to this episode? I watched it about 12 hours ago and wanted to come back and see part of it again but it's gone!? A… "

WorldCryptoNet[NO2X] on Twitter: "FYI: Both Today in #Bitcoin and The #Bitcoin Group videos are currently locked. #Censorship #Botnet #Sybil #obvious #weaksauce @youtube "

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30 Comments on Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-12) – Bcash Pumps – Big Bang Theory and Mt. Gox Millions

    • It’s very odd. I listened to the episode, again, on iTunes and didn’t hear anything that should lead to removal

    • I think you’re right that it was the comments section that teed them off – maybe the volks-coin and merc-coin stuff ? 🙂 I think you can retrieve your own comments from your account, but the tread itself is “gone with the vid.” (Wasn’t there a movie about that?) 🙂

  1. I am not sure what I would pay, but I would pay something to have an interruptible service where others could not interfere with my WCN intake. In a dark sort of way, I can’t wait till Google’s heavy and overreaching hand becomes so great that other options present themselves more prominently.

    • Thank the interantional scammer’s of butterfly labs who CO-OWN BITCOIN.COM with roger Ver, An internation scamming organisation of internet, car and lottery scams lol.

  2. There’s a giant rubber band of karma being loaded inverse to the faces of these manipulating take-over scum. It won’t even be poetic justice; it will be just a matter of do this long enough in this way and then THIS happens.

  3. Let me get this straight, You-Tube sensored your videos? Why? It is just information about maths, Bitcoin and so on.

    • Jewgle jewtube, Just like Jew-wood (hollywood) and your education system, Science, Financial, Food, resources…. Just EVEYTHING!

  4. World Crypto Network: Bleeding edge crypto news, so red hot that it’s being censored around the globe! like, share, subscribe, and turn-on notifications before you miss-out.

  5. Because of these censorship attacks people are moving to steemit…. And leave unto the centralised what belongs to the centralised!

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