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Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-11) – Bitcoin Dips, Bcash Pumps – Hot Tweets!

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$6,380.41USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bitcoin Price Continues Downward Trend, Dips Below $6,600

Luke Dashjr on Twitter: "Why do we as a community avoid changing the proof-of-work algorithm, even long after the original criteria for a PoW change have been met? "… "

Ken Cornell on Twitter: "@ToneVays This plan would work if BitCoin didn't have the power of the people. WCN and others now know the bad actors, if this is still the plan, they… "

Charlie Lee on Twitter: "Segwit2x hardfork has been called off! Common sense prevails. Let's now work together towards scaling safely. We may need something like a 2… "

Bitcoin $400,000 Says Investing Guru Mark Yusko

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30 Comments on Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-11) – Bitcoin Dips, Bcash Pumps – Hot Tweets!

  1. Isn’t ver just dumping his huge supply of btc to bch? That does a number on btc price short term against bch… but it won’t last long!

  2. Take the “News” out of your title, you guys are so biased you should just call yourselves the “Segwit & Blockstream Propaganda Network”!

  3. What a wonderful day, true capitalism in action. Now Core have to earn their money and think on their feet… no more fee lunches. Nothing like a bit of competition to put a cat among the pigeons.

  4. Many wallet is still delay SegWit implementation and create power to bcash because it give higher Bitcoin fee. Bcash can use this attack to theirs propaganda by saying. See, SegWit is not working. See the high fee.
    It is not working because you wallet CEO play poker with yours coin by manipulate the mempool full by not support SegWit so a 2X look as necessary.

    2X is necessary, but not today.

    The wallet CEO’s is so proud to be member of the VIP invite only NYA elite meting with a x,xxx USD price tag, that the forget what theirs job is: Produce a wallet that give the user what they need supported by the protocol. Cheaper tx, through SegWit. Later LN and so on.

  5. I am offering to personally educate luke dashjr on the bailouts so that Bitcoin won’t fall $200 every time he opens his mouth.

  6. That 3.6-Billion-$ man, Yusko, says $400,000? Close enough to my $350,000. So I’ll say “OK. Maybe. No bet”. 🙂

    • You remember how I got my $ 350K target right? I have no idea who this Yusko fellow is but I like his price better. 🙂
      At this point I’m not sure which Bitcoin will get there though. Wild ride going on now!
      Not sure what you mean by “wiped out”? Did they wipe it?

  7. I’m laughing at the lemmings running to bitcoin cash. It’s fascinating to watch. Never a dull day in cryptos.

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