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Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-12) – Airgapped Hacking with NASA Snowboarders during a Bitcoin Crackdown

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Draug on Twitter: "Mmm BLTcoin.… "

Mad Bitcoins (@MadBitcoins) | Twitter

Burton's U.S. Winter Olympic uniforms are very old-school NASA

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University Students Rush to Take Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Courses –

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "Impressive new research allows data to be stolen from an infected airgapped or faraday caged computer using the CPU to create magnetic transmissions. "

฿TF%$D! on Twitter: "You can always buy a fraction of a lambo…… "


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    • What are you talking about?! Andy Hoffman is awesome! He’s a bit of a Maverick and a renegade, and how can I say… He can be a little “unpalatable” at times, but he’s what’s needed! He brings a little bit of fire to the group.

  1. Keep Andy Hoffman! The guy is awesome! He is what brought me to the crypto News Network… Sometimes he can be, how can I say this without being mean, a little bit “unpalatable” but he is a renegade, a Maverick and every group needs someone like that. He brings a lot of spice and Fire. Plus, he’s a good dude. So, I say keep Andy Hoffman! Don’t listen to the haters

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