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Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-11) – South Korea Bitcoin FUD – Coinbase Petition 7,500 – Github Down!

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‎13999.61 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin's Is Flopping on South Korean Cryptocurrency Crackdown | Fortune

Joseph Young on Twitter: "In an official announcement, South Korean government reaffirms there will be NO TRADING BAN for #cryptocurrency market in the short term and… "

US Marshals Service to Auction Off $54 Million in Bitcoin – CoinDesk

Bitcoin has little shot at ever being a major global currency

Ripple announces XRP trial with cross-border remittance firm MoneyGram | TechCrunch

Bitcoin Price Stays Heavy Amid Korean Regulatory Reports – CoinDesk

Petition · Coinbase: Coinbase: Prioritize SegWit implementation on the Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet & GDAX Exchange. ·

Bitcoin Finds a Home in Cash-Loving Germany – WSJ

World's Largest Software Development Platform…GitHub Is Down! | Zero Hedge

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations | CoinMarketCap

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21 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-11) – South Korea Bitcoin FUD – Coinbase Petition 7,500 – Github Down!

  1. Luckily git is a distributed peer to peer source code control system and everyone who has cloned the repo has a ‘full node’. Don’t you just love distributed systems! Thanks for the show!!

  2. I will look for the source again but moneygram did state they were going to have trials with xrp to see the benefits.

  3. Unfortunately the US marshal service can to hold the Bitcoins by law.  This law was made to keep the incentives to illegal confiscations to a minimum.  you do not want law enforcement to benefit too much from their activities.  Do t be to fast to dismiss Warren Buffets concerns.   He has been the best analyst of financial markets in history.  If you think 13x BTC returns last year were fantastic, Buffet did just as well and for far longer.  $1000 in 68 of Berkshire would be between $50 and $100 million today.  Take information from all sources to have a well rounded view.

  4. Reply from Ripple when I asked could they recommend a wallet… “Thank you for asking. We do not recommend or endorse any wallet services. You should do your own diligence on the wallet service you choose before you sign up.We also don’t sell XRP, the exchanges do. XRP existed before Ripple.” – so helpful (sarcasm) .
    Gives you an idea of the disrespect Ripple has for the normal man, same as banks, and shows why Bitcoin & others like it offering a decentralized alternative is needed more than ever for both governments & normal regular people. Ripple & banks dont care if they destroy our entire society and system with unsecured loans, and think they can pass the problem on to governments when they do. With Ripple banks can crash the system faster than ever, then pass on the tax to us once more. I support that Bitcoin is offering an alternative to regular currency. I would like Bitcoin & regular currency to coexist because I dont want to reply on either for my financial security & trading. Bitcoin is real innovation, where as XRP is a best just faster bank transfer. Anyway given Ripples bad customer service I dont think they are going to last very long. I was a few weeks waiting for that reply.
    Bitcoin is a trading tool, a digital currency, a store of value like gold, a secure decentralized system for communicating & trading in faster way. XRP is just a token loosely linked to Ripple, as ripple say XRP existed before Ripple ???, It is like they dont want to even claim responsibility for XRP or have it linked to Ripple. Banks will not need Ripple eventually and I guess will find a better alternative, Ripple is not as fast as it claimed, 4 second bank transfers. Ripple could not handle the increased trading volume of XRP a few weeks ago when things got busy, they said they had a server issue or something like that. I dont think ripple can handle increased XRP popularity to the level that Bitcoin is already at. That is why they are trying to keep XRP down & less popular which unhelpful support like this, so they can sell their half useless Ripple to more banks before the banks see that XRP transfer is not actually that fast when things get busy. That is what I would speculate. Ripple is just a lot of big talk. Either way I dont support Ripple or XRP now. I respect what Bitcoin are trying to do.

  5. I think it’s conflict of interest for them to “risk” bitcoin they do not own. So they should cash it out and use it for whatever “good” they can do to it.

  6. So many FUDs…. so little time. So many cryptos on sale LOL. We all have to teach the new people such things. We were all new once. I remember this daily in my blogs.

  7. Good video, very informative. People shouldnt listen to media, they only want to decrease the value of cryptocoins. At least the coin I like the most(DeepOnion) went up to 17$. You should do a video about this privacy coin, it is anonymous, with really low fees, currently with a low market cap($77.129.477 USD, rank #222) and the most important is that the coin is connected over the tor network.

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