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Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-16) – Bitcoin Dead again, says Mainstream Media

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19 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-16) – Bitcoin Dead again, says Mainstream Media

  1. can’t lie… scared more to be wrong about the Promise of Bitcoin than any fiscal loss… all my BTC is HODL’d away on a Nano… gonna be a gooood xmas I hope.

  2. Your educational work is much appreciated. The most difficult nut to crack at this time, and one on which I would like to see you organize a discussion before 20 July if possible, is the one that deals with the number of different bitcoin block chains that might emerge in the weeks ahead.
    Worldwide government activities in the crypto currency sphere make it absolutely clear that we are in a new era, and the worst thing that government can be expected to do is to kill off what it feels is the unduly threatening competition.
    So what is very concerning is the following question: what if I buy some bitcoin tomorrow, and in due course I find myself on a block chain where the price has seriously crashed due to lack of miner support, or where there are some serious security issues that leave me awake at night?
    This may be a great up buying opportunity; but it looks to me as if there’s a big gamble here, and that the most I should gamble is what I am ready to lose and not think about it.

    • Thanks! Education and History are two of my major goals, that I hope I show with my actions cause I’m not sure I talk about them much, in the meta sense.

      I would think of Bitcoin as the keys to a car. If the price goes down and you collect many keys, just hold them until the storm is over…. Your keys will always work, but it might not be a good time to send them around.

      But agree. Much chaos, no one knows what’s gonna happen and the price will react faster than you, in either direction. Heavy times.

    • After the Mt. Gox crash there were stories of waitresses who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the crash because they invested only hundreds. If your investment goes up by a factor of 10x, or 100x, at the very least split your funds into multiple exchanges, or multiple devices, so that if one of them fails, you still have something….. The same for if you need to sell some…. Sometimes new wealth can be paralyizing. Better to be flexible and prepare.

    • It’s not a problem that I suffer from yet, but when it does I hope I’ll take my own advice. 😉

  3. People are making a big deal about the chain bringing the market down. Silliness. The fork and loss of miners is the cause.

    Even if small home miners (45 cards or less) make up 10% of the overall work, their cash out didn’t just take money, it took their work, and that is what we miss.

    Diversity, tether, then buy the day before the fork when it should be at it’s lowest. Just an algorithmic prediction and a little instinct.

    Also, always follow the ending advice, if you can’t lose it, don’t play it. There is a difference in toning down a lifestyle and losing your house.

  4. BITCOIN LACKS COMMUNITY, HOW CAN A Divided HOUSE STAND AGAINST The Winds of Adversity? Bitcoin can’t Win when it”s not Right Within?
    CHAIN COIN HODL COMMUNITY IS KING, JOIN NOW TO BE A MASTER NODE AND ENJOY GREEN PASTURES, LEAVE THE RED CARPETS COME WHERE THE MONEY WILL NEVER OUTWEIGH THE LOVE. Segwit BTC? Move To CHC, Bitconnect Community Run to HODL CHC, Trading Family We Build Walls too High Whales to Jump Over and feast on them for Breakfast.
    We Appreciate and give Thanks to all the Bitcoin Maximus, Pioneers, and Hodl’s. We shall see you on the Day of Resurrection, RIP!

  5. hey. ..
    how many btc were siezed in the alphabay take down?
    And could DC be selling extra low on all the exchanges, clearing out orders, all the way down to ???
    hmmm… maybe that horde isn’t enough to do it …

  6. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 they also have a live chat and it’s anonyous for Dark net users. FYI

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