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Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-15) – Bitcoin falls to $2000

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38 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-15) – Bitcoin falls to $2000

  1. UASF is the reason for the price drop … and it’s already branded as an “extremist” alt-coin. At least the market is responding to fundamentals. That helps crash the “bubble” hypothesis.

  2. Tone if you entered btc at 580$ with 25-50k usd right after the Bitfinex hack and made these trades that you’ve speculated on, you’d have over a million usd in btc rn.

  3. Why does this all seem like one giant FUD campaign coming from Ver, Wright, Wu and their mining cronies to do nothing more than obtain more bitcoin. Something doesnt feel right about this whole thing at the moment. Its go that air of unnecessary confusion going on and it feels like the names mentioned above have implemented a coordinated strike with the sole purpose of obtaining more bitcoin for cheap. Why would they risk their already massive stake in bitcoin and knowingly bring about a scenario where they could stand to lose hundreds of millions of value. It doesn’t make sense and I smell a rat. Ill be buying more as soon as I can before Aug 1st…. HODL your BTC

  4. nice chart analysis to miss the whole point. *the market do not want a fork of any sort*. this Tone is a UASFanatic that cannot see beyond getting things his way.
    If you try to force consensus you break the coin. I wonder what is going to stop the next visionary after UASF forking from trying to dictate where bitcoin needs to go to based on imaginary urgencies. Where is the need for Segwit today? Segwit is a good thing and should be agreed to be calmly implemented. However people behind Segwit are not interested in bitcoin, Segwit or anything that is not imposing their view.

    • In order to illuminate how all this is mere manipulation let me share numbers on voting support, this from slushpool, for the peace of mind of the regular xenofobic antichinese bloke, so here mostly white caucasians from the right hemisphere, for some (really sad to see some comments in some forums nowadays)
      Amazingly enough there is no big shark making decissions for everyone. Amazingly enough evil miners look at Bitcoin core with love.
      *No one wants a fork, not users, not miners, not exchanges, not wallets, just a bunch of hotheaded guys who should go to a motel if they need to measure the size of their egos.*
      The *problem is address malleability and scalability* to control fee prices, and not if this side or the other is good or evil. – “Bitcoin blocksize voting results”
      The situation with ckpool or p2pool is similar.
      [unfortunately format of the able is lost when posting]
       usersuser %hashing powhash %Bitcoin Core1111544.51 %110.5 Ph/s39.08 %Pool decides664526.61 %68.15 Ph/s24.12 %Bitcoin Unlimited250910.05 %57.37 Ph/s20.3 %Not voted274010.97 %26.44 Ph/s9.36 %UASF/BIP14819617.85 %20.20 Ph/s7.15 %

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