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The Bitcoin Group #174 – Senate Hearing – Dow Drops – Coinbase Segwit – Bitcoin meets InfoWars

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Gabriel D Vine ( )
Tone Vays ( )
Jeffrey Jones ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


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24 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #174 – Senate Hearing – Dow Drops – Coinbase Segwit – Bitcoin meets InfoWars

  1. 0:34 Issue 1 – Senate Hearing – Vortex
    3:44 Issue 1 – Senate Hearing – Tone Vays
    10:54 Exit question – Will the next senate hearing be positive or negative?
    12:58 Issue 2 – Dow Drops – Tone
    20:43 Issue 2 – Dow Drops – Vortex
    25:20 Exit question – Dow and Bitcoin price next week?
    28:40 Issue 3 – Coinbase Segwit – Vortex
    31:58 Issue 3 – Coinbase Segwit – Tone
    36:37 Exit question – Recommend going forward, Coinbase or Square?
    38:40 Issue 4 – Bitcoin meets InfoWars – Tone
    41:44 Issue 4 – Bitcoin meets InfoWars – Vortex
    46:12 Exit question – Will there be another Bitcoin expert on Infowars?
    49:01 Prediction or story of the week – Vortex
    50:42 Prediction or story of the week – Tone

    • Libertarians are ready to set the record straight no matter what time or day it is. Expand your panel and accept opposing points of view. And don’t avoid answering questions by calling them “traps”, like do you consider lightning peer to peer. The Tone comment on the government “allowing” us to smoke weed was totally absurd. We in the land of the free and the home of the brave are not o be considered guilty until proven innocent…

  2. I’m so glad I listen to you guys. You make so much sense. Thanks for your continued contributions to this space.

  3. Watching this I realized that it’s not that you turned against Bitcoin, exactly, it’s just that you failed to grow up with it. You didn’t change at all, this is the same show as ever. At first when Bitcoin was getting started being accepted anywhere, you’d report very theoretically about what it might be like once there’s some Bitcoin acceptance and usage. But then once it spread to a lot of society and started to actually happen, you didn’t change. You kept telling those same stories in that same tone. You’re talking about Robinhood and Square starting to accept it and theoretically what that might mean. I can see now how that’s just your habit, that’s just what you’ve always done.

  4. You believe the tenor of the SEC/CFTC hearings? (I haven’t seen it) All I have to say is that if these guys have a choice btw going on a straight or on a crooked path they will instinctively take the crooked path. I think I would feel better if they were negative on Bitcoin and crypto! (Tone’s instincts are somewhat correct.) In any case, they deserve no trust.

  5. That Alex Jones character is still around? Wasn’t he a big Trump shill? So is BTC or BCH more pro-Trump? 🙂

  6. Crypto news is all about relationships between people and computer code. Crypto makes everyone have an emotional attachment to a data structure. I dont think thats ever happened before.

  7. Also, interesting that the S&P 500 bottomed in 2009 (a 12 year low) at 666. The date of this low was 3/6 (three 6 or “666”).

  8. Does Tone really has to be on the show..? He don‘t even listened to the hearing and then talks some BS! And he generally don‘t answers to what he‘s been asked for..

  9. Tone, my thoughts exactly about CB needing to have a liaisons to build rapport with banks to go out and manage relationships with banks. Until we can be completely free of banks we have Novogratz coming out with first crypto bank eventually. So happy i can be a part of this movement towards freedom!

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