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The Bitcoin Group #150 – Alphabay Takedown – Bitcoin Sign Guy – Alleged Ponzi ICOs – Philosophy

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Alphabay Takedown

Someone held up a 'buy bitcoin' sign during Yellen's testimony to Congress

'Bitcoin Sign Guy' Nets Almost $15,000 After Fed Chair Appearance Goes Viral

Dubious Bitcoin Scheme Uses Ethereum ICO to Keep the Game Going

Amir Taaki Sides with Blockstream, Peter Todd in Bitcoin Scaling Debate

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25 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #150 – Alphabay Takedown – Bitcoin Sign Guy – Alleged Ponzi ICOs – Philosophy

  1. Our message (besides simply “buy bitcoin”) ought to be: Control your money! a) Control your fiat currency? Hoard cash – which can be banned and/or digitized. b) Control your gold? Hoard physical – which can be seized. c) Control your digital currency? Hoard Bitcoin – which is untouchable.

    • It would also be good “product” placement to get something in there, given the fight’s location; Nevada has become the first state to ban local governments from taxing blockchain use.

    • My gut feeling is this is all a show, and Mayweather never would have agreed to this fight unless he knew McGregor was going to play the patsy for a big payday… BUT, if this fight is legit, I don’t think Mayweather can survive the hail storm he will see in the first 5-6 rounds. One big punch from McGregor and the flurry that follows will end this fight!

  2. War on drugs is a CIA black funding operation, anytime a high profile individual or group is taken out it is likely a takeover in the making.

  3. Thanks for giving numbers instead of just referring to colored lines, Tone. I understand much better this time.

  4. A great time to hold up “Buy Bitcoin” signs, or anything else like that, is during the eclipse over the United States on August 21st. There are going to be huge gatherings all across the country, and there’s sure to be a lot of news coverage, too. Plus, this is an event involving the moon, and given that this is bitcoin and all, the connection is obvious. 😉

  5. “Bitcoin Sign Guy” just another action of “The Hidden Hand”. Looks like “the powers that be” currently want two terms on EVERYONE’S lips…. “Alphabay” & “Bitcoin”
    Hegelian Dialectic in action? Order out of Chaos?

  6. The bottom of Floyd’s shoes will say buy bitcoin when connor knocks him out. These are all black swan events. It just goes to show how conditioned we are and the fake advertisement world we live in.

  7. LBC ( LBRY ) is gonna replace Youtube / Netflix – such decentralized solution – can’t be shut down !!!!

  8. Do people think the drop in Bitcoin price is due to the take down of Alphabay, or is this a panic leading up to the uncertainty of the fork?

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