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28 Comments on One-on-One w/Andy Hoffman – Episode 37 – Special Guest Simon Dixon

  1. Interesting that Simon said that Tether was popular because trading to Tether doesn’t create a taxable event. Is this official?

    • He may be talking about its status outside the US. For the moment the IRS stance is any exchange of crypto is considered taxable whether its to fiat or anything else. This is consistent with their position regarding barter and other exchanges of value so that rule is probably her to stay for a while.

  2. Great interview! Thank you Andy for having Simon Dixon on your show. With his vast knowledge and experience, he is definitely a leader in this space that I always look forward to hearing from. When Simon Dixon talks, I listen, and there are not too many people I can say that about.

  3. I have to watch this one 3 times (first watch with notes, second watch to review notes, third to just listen while I dream of BTC domination!)

    • Russell Spears glad I’m not the only one. Simon is setting up bank to the future for tremendous opportunity.

  4. Thank you. I think ADA has some kind of big role to play in the anti-centralization movement. Just a feeling I have…

    • daniel Legler, pretty much all ICOs are scams 🙁 to avoid IPO constraints. I personally don’t agree with IPO constraints and see ICOs as a way to circumvent these condtraints… this doesnt make current ICOs any less scams.

  5. Andy refuses to acknowledge the fact the US has control over the Bitcoin since the CME got in just as they imposed it on gold when gold became legal to own again. Never mind that it was a CIA creation since 1996

    • “its an artificially cheap price and smart people will be saying, ‘thankyou for the discount'” – Funny people were saying that about silver but after a decade what do we have now? Hmmm Another reason why Cryptos were allowed to continue? I remember the day the CME raised margins 5 times in one week stopping the silver price rise past the psychological 50 dollar barrier. sigh* CME takes orders from the banks the same banks that control the media and the Gov.

    • I said I won’t give it as it’s a simple Google search and I don’t get triggered I too old for these games. I find it sad that people now a days are given the ability to do a search and are too lazy. If you don’t work at something it becomes valueless if handed on a platter.
      Good Night

    • dd8209 The reason i see bitcoin resisting price suppression is that eveyone who has their private keys has ‘taken delivery’, everyone who runs a full node, is an auditer, every block. This means attempts at rehypothecation and artificial supply increaces are transparent, and vulnerable to the bluff being called. Are you familiar with the bitcoin knowledge podcast &
      trace mayer?

    • dd8209 No. If you made the claim the onus is on you to provide the evidence, to back up your claim. You dont have a baby and expect everyone else to feed, clothe, house, and put it through collage; You gave birth to it, you raise it!

  6. For Americans every time you sell or swap a Crypto Currency it is a taxable event. The IRS views Crypto’s as a Capital Asset.

    Simon may be talking about UK taxation, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about from an American perspective.

  7. Poor Andy How long did it take you to figure out that Gold and Silver was a fools game? Someone as being in the market for decades and versed in history and still …. Sad
    Don’t get me wrong though I was thoroughly entertained all the same Thank you

  8. Very funny how Simon Dixon does not shill his ICO. More reason to believe its a sound project.

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