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Bitcoin news #22

Bitcoin news for the week of Aug 1st with your hosts @theonevortex @tone_llt @jsmith_dev and @gabrieldvine
Shows are every other monday at 8pm pst on

Apologies about my inability to pronounce “KYC/AML”. Can never seem to spit it out right.

Bitfinex Hack
-What we know so far and what we think (roughly 120k coins stolen)
-Bitcoin’s dip and quick recovery
-Bitgo insurance
-Socialized Losses and BFX Token

Mega Upload 2.0
-Every #Megaupload file transfer will be linked to a tiny #Bitcoin micro transaction. Get ready for Bitcache.

Coinbase to enable Ethereum Classic Withdraws
-Latest status on etc/eth debocle
-What do we think about this decision and how it will effect coinbase

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    • Yah, actually it’s I told gabriel that there is a full second of
      delay from the time you hit the mute button in the audio. No idea why it’s
      like this, so I’ve basically just stopped muting myself lol.

  1. Bitfinex scam artist exchange stay away unless you want your money
    stolen.They stole my etc eth and replaced with there ponzi coin thats
    pegged to one Us dollar.

  2. You want a bulletin proof exchange don’t use real funds use some made up
    tokens same as all online casinos do.It works and takes away motive broom a
    sitting piggy bank.And yes all funds took a haircut everything that was in
    our accounts was shaved.

  3. correction: sha256 is quantum safe. ecdsa is not quantum safe, but a hard
    fork is not required as it can be done as a soft fork. ecdsa is not used as
    the proof of work. That’s sha256.

  4. I just sold 140 steem from my first reply (voted up by a whale), and it
    brought me 0.45 BTC.
    Not bad. Waited one week to have it available. So what? It works.

    • Yes, but is that sustainable? The price is tanking. Not enough money coming
      into the platform. Most people just create free accounts and don’t add any
      real value while a lot of people are powering down and looking for buyers.

    • the price of each steem will be whatever the market says, period. The price
      if each steem ‘dollar’ can be controlled to an extent by the curators.
      No, eventually a more even distribution will make each upvote NOT worth
      much more than $1 or so. Maybe $50 max.
      At this point there are a few dozen people who have vastly more power to
      upvote major $ and getting their attention for upvotes means providing
      REALLY GOOD content (investing talent, time, and effort) or being somebody
      like James Corbett who just got 11K and rising from his first post, he’ll
      promote and bring many users, so he got paid.
      At this point, why worry?
      I paid them NOTHING, neither should you.
      Again, why have any concern over the sustainability when you have the
      chance now to generate some income? Today.
      Check out the fiction stories posted already.
      Truly remarkable writing. And many of them have brought $1000s.

  5. Now you have a premium show c/w premium top notch guests. If you can get
    the likes of Tone & Gabe on more often, your show just gets a credibility
    boost. Rock on BTC News!

    • What I love about this particular panel is that they’re all very appealing
      to anyone 35/40+ yrs old as they have their collective feet planted in the
      current fiat monetary regulatory system & expound upon how it relates to &
      will transition to the crypto space in the upcoming yrs.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback Gester. My day-job at Blockfreight™
      [BFT:XCP] is pretty much just that – Looking at how this tech interfaces
      and transitions traditional industries.

    • Excellent Jullian. Nice to have met you virtually as a spectator & I hope
      you’re not only invited back onto this show but also hope that Thomas Hunt
      has you on theBitcoinGroup.

      Perhaps if Gabe or Tone are reading this, then they can have influence to
      make that happen. Your intelligent input is sorely needed in this often
      confusing, rapidly changing space.

    • Thank you Russell. Not much excuse needed to talk Bitcoin with great
      people. I appreciate the opportunity to be in conversation with panel.

  6. @1:18:33 we have the plural of Etherem uttered & hence yet another new word
    added to the space/English language: Etheria!

  7. Vortex great show. Just try working on not beginning every sentence with
    “um” and “uh.” it’s quite annoying, apart from that, great show!

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