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What is I.O.T. (Internet Of Things)? – Mance Harmon, CEO Swirlds (Hashgraph)

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More: What is the Internet Of Things and what promises does it hold? In this bonus feature from Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 8, Mance Harmon of Swirlds Inc explains what IOT is and where it is likely to go. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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39 Comments on What is I.O.T. (Internet Of Things)? – Mance Harmon, CEO Swirlds (Hashgraph)

    • All of this Hashgraph sounds good and might be under the best of intentions. BUT I can’t tell you how many times that I have witnessed good intentions turn into a sale of a company followed by a flick of the pen to consummate a totally different direction. Too much is at stake in the way of freedoms being risked under the circumstances here.

    • Rob Moffit “We are borg” ( government). So every device will become a spydroid for the global totalitarian technocracy state.

    • People are so naive and credulous with the always “good” intentions.
      I do not want to talk to my washing machine but a very small minority want to charge for every time we use the washing machine and Everything Else. They want to control Everything we do, and they can even punish us, turning off, Everything, at a distance. More slavery than this it is impossible and the worse, we have no place to escape, it will be a Global Slavery.
      Claim to be said by Harriet Tubman: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
      This time no one can save no one, people will Choose to Buy their own slavery and greater stupidity is impossible without having brain damaged … and the various methods for them to achieve this have been more than many…

    • isagt57 turning off everything at a distance. Right! When all currency is digital, they will be able to block you from accessing your own bank account and turn off your credit card at will. Deprived of your own money, then what will you do? The number of the beast. We will soon have a RFID chip inbedded under our skin and they will call it progress.

  1. Why not interview someone from MIOTA coin using the tangled ledger. Unlike Hashgraph it is already up and running.

  2. I cant think of anything more useless than what this guy is explaining…
    why the hell do I want my machines to contact other machines..
    All it sounds like to me is we take away any thing a human does sling in a machine with code…until it reaches the point where we just vegetate in bed or something…
    Because frankly put we have pretty much all that now with scope of choice via the net…I don’t want some machine making my decisions for me and at the same time reducing my choice as well…
    It may be a good idea for somethings but general populations i think not …
    Not only that what on earth do people want with machines such as fridge,washing machines, dishwasher washer connected to the net so you can use your phone… what a total waste of time.. and money and resources!

    • Rob, I personally agree and look to set myself up in a very disconnected lifestyle, but having said that…iot is going to be so huge I guarantee it will blow your mind…it will transform society far more than the internet has…and it will happen within a few short years.

    • DJ W i intent to do the same the less of all the connected stuff the better for me …
      But your right it will be pretty mind blowing as it comes thru, people under 30are gonna love and less by the older people .. it will however open the gateway to many other jobs etc… but it also has a dark side that really needs to be eliminated before hand called big government across the world.. or it will be great for a short time then like 1984 sometime into it.. and since most younger people are completely unaware of that .. walk hand in hand straight into it 🙁

  3. all of those “things” he is referring to. Are built by somebody and would be owned by somebody, they all have a cost associated with them.. We don’t live in a world where item or “Thing’s” are not owned or looked after by someone. I’m still confused about this world people are dreaming of in this space, having no owner no moderator…?? Confusing..! Who is going to pay for this so called “things” in the public domain and not expect to make some money from them. Even the idea/concept of Blockchain (Bitcoin) that was meant to pull down the BANKS, that is apparently “decentralised” has fees and charges associated with it, just like a BANK. We have replaced one EVIL with just another as equal, almost pointless. Im not saying a smart database is a bard idea, its just typically for company to want to own its database as data drives value to a company. Having that data sitting in a “decentralised” (controlled by nobody) encrypted (unreadable by anyone other then the intended recipient), has not value or incentive for anyone to implement.

  4. Mike, have you thought about building a Crypto Currency Exchange and having Stocks, Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency as the products listed on it? could also have FIAT Currencies listed, so you could switch from one asset class to another all at the one place.

    • Mike is a visionary who understands the implications of DLT unlike 99% of people, even the crypto investors, who don’t truly understand how significant this is. And btw, I am quite certain Mike is one of the inside investors to this very private, centralized and exclusive company. I trust he believes he is putting his money with people who intend for this great technology to liberate rather than enslave, for it certainly has the potential to do both.

    • When/if you wake up a few years from now, you’ll laugh at yourself(assuming you have a healthy ego). Try not to regret missed opportunities.

  5. Sounds alot like IOP internet of people why include hashgraph that’s just a gossip Network gossip networks I’ve been in place for a long time

    • You need to research 5G and the smart grid. Your meter will soon have it’s own wifi transmitter that will communicate with all the transmitters that are likely already in your house. Have anything with energy star? I guarantee you do. I live in rural Canada and already the 5G towers are going up and the power distribution monopoly is already installing smart meters for full deployment by 2019.

    • This is the fork in the road ahead… people must recognize that DLT and IOT has the equal potential for liberation from tyranny or complete enslavement. It is critical that people understand the meaning of decentralized and peer to peer and participate in how the infrastructure is being set up and by who.

    • Yes or governments accountability and transparency tool. Watch the crooks in real time. A knife is a great tool until,someone one else stabs you with it. Crypto same thing it’s a tool and bad people,are going to take it and use it unless we get involved…..again.

  6. Thank you Mike, I’m a huge fan of your work and very much appreciate your educational service to the community at large. Hashgraph is one application, among others, of Directed Acyclic Graph in the world of DLT but I am troubled by Hashgraph’s centralized and exclusive approach. Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who were able to get inside as an investor. Personally I find IOTA far more interesting as it is publicly traded and much farther along in terms of use case, adoption and transparency of it’s structure and road map. We need to begin discussing the implications of 5G and the smart grid infrastructure that enables internet of things; these are military grade weaponized frequencies that we’re dealing with.

  7. I predict they take tracking too far and we see attacks on 5G network equipment. I hope it does not go that way but I fear it will.

  8. Mike do some research on IOTA, their vision is much more developed and they are already working with big companies such as Bosch, Volkswagen, Daimler etcetera.
    Also you can invest IOTA unlike hashgraph

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