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The Greatest Manipulation In History Is This Fake Recovery – Stefan Molyneux & Mike Maloney

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"Basically…if the Federal Reserve was inflicted upon America by a foreign power it would have been considered an act of war." Join Mike Maloney and Stefan Molyneux as they explore the unintended consequences that await us due to the immoral acts perpetrated by government and the Federal Reserve system. Check out the full video here:
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53 Comments on The Greatest Manipulation In History Is This Fake Recovery – Stefan Molyneux & Mike Maloney

  1. Audit and “END THE FED!”
    Ron Paul should have been the president in the 80’s and none of this would be!

  2. My cost of living keeps rising, and my wage increases are few and far apart, that’s the economy as I see it!

    • Exactly. I haven’t had a cost of living raise since Sept of 2014 (none of the workers have) and haven’t had any other raises since early 2013. Yet I still work for the same construction company (7 years in Oct). and all other expenses keep rising.

    • Brandon – who are you talking to? If it’s me I said I have NOT gotten a raise in over three years. In fact my company rolled my work days back from 5 to 3 on Nov 10, 2016 and so I’m losing almost $30,000 in gross wages yearly. Thankfully I have a good paying job so I can still make it on three days a week otherwise i’d be in big trouble. Plus my wife works.

  3. FED is the KING of all Central Banks. Central Banks will keep creating currency out of nothing to buy bonds and stocks. This can go on for decades………look at Japan. People are doomed…….

  4. ahhh…I’ve mixed feelings about this Stefan guy especially when it comes to the whole race and IQ being a genetic trait. He’s definitely crafty and gifted debater on a variety of topics. But I stopped taking him seriously sometime ago.

    • Maurice Graham how many African inventors are there vs the east and west?

      How many 100meter gold Olympian are white or Asian vs African ?

      Proof is it’s genetics.
      Now that does not apply to every single person in a race but it does qualify for a very high percentage.

      And before a horde of people come out and call me a racist. I am not racist and using examples.

      It’s no secret that each race provides they own general traits and characteristics.

    • Sparky 84 how is that fair analysis when Africa has been colonised by nearly everybody and purposely kept enslaved by debt and ignorance, every time africa wanted to rise from the darkness of ignorance and develop on it’s own we get punished by war/sanctions/invasion/or assassinations of the leaders of resistance.

    • skipper every country has been colonised and enslaved at some point in time so ur reason does not hold water.

      Ok I will put it another way for you. How about wild life (animals). You can for example have a dog and have different races which are smarter than other dogs or better fighters or better runners . They all have there own characteristics and traits. One is no better than the other they all have there own strengths and weaknesses. It does not just apply to dogs but all wild life. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a science fact.
      The left try to say all men and woman are equal but that is simply not true and again the same in wild life some of the same species are stronger or smarter or faster or bigger than there peers.

  5. So what? Come on Mike Tell us something we don’t already Know like Jack Nicholson said we are drowning here And You are just describing the water This Is old And boring news stop wasting poeple ‘s time Even a 6 year old would have this info we need someone who tells us when it Is gonna end This manipulation

    • By cryptos but be careful with the scams bitcoin ether LTC are safe assets follow the money And You Will see that millioners are moving there resources there

    • Exactly. This guy offers you nothing. The stock market is almost completely propped up with stolen tax dollars. Without that it’s insolvent, period. If you could keep the money you earn , investing would be unnecessary. These two don’t get it. They see investment, as wealth building. It’s actually the way the entire world is kept under da boot.

    • BADD1ONE You nailed it man but if we follow what rich people are doing we have a better change to come on top that boot And if enough people do it that would be game over for them that is why i like cryptos as crayzy as they are And aperently a lot of millioners too

  6. Ohhh no, not this Stefan guy…his is a dilettante in my opinion, a “jack of all trades, master of none”

    • Noel Collins yet experts in their fields agree with him, his articulate and knows the right questions to ask which indicates he has a clear understanding of this topic. He understands how currency is created with debt and how the fractional reserve banking system works and how they’re stealing our wealth with inflation which is more than about 95% of the population knows. I bet he would destroy you in a conversation that you think you are quite knowledgeable about

    • ohhh please cut that crab, anyone who opens a macro economics text book for just one hour will be as knowledgeable as Stefan…

    • Noel Collins yeah its pretty horrible that he covers a wide range of subjects that I would otherwise know nothing about and has the audacity to speak the experts on camera. what a perpetual neophyte

  7. Molyneux is not adding credability to ur message, Mike. The guy tries to debate why atheists are wrong on his channel.

  8. Americans need to stand up. Stop paying the taxes and the banksters until sound money is implemented.

  9. The Fed WAS inflicted upon America by a foreign power. They are not us. They are not white. They hate white people.

  10. This Manipulation has been going on for a Decade Now !
    America has become Zombafied !
    First they better look up and see the constant spraying of Chemtrails !
    This goes on 24/7 in Dallas Texas !
    Toxic Chemicals being sprayed all over America , if you tell someone they look at you like you have two heads !!!!!
    AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!
    Second the Federal Reserve is taking care of WALL STREET NOT MAIN STREET !
    This will never end intill all you ZOMBIES out there WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Money seems to be a type of black magic spell put over humanity. It seems to flow and expand with misery, pain and the spilling of blood. Banks like the sides of rivers directing the waters flow. Money banks contain and direct the flow of human energy which it harvests and directs out to sea where we all eventually drown…just a thought.

    • David Panizzutti ISIS was a moon god…
      $ is the symbol
      Moon-eye is a religious cult ritual practice.
      Nothing else in the world of nature uses money…
      It’s not natural.

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