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Crypto Crackdown? – Bitcoin Can’t Be Regulated – Mike Maloney

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What Would You Change If?

"Wall Street and the financial sector are all trying to figure out 'Well how can we get a piece of these profits?', and the way it is engineered – they can't!" Watch the full interview here:

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41 Comments on Crypto Crackdown? – Bitcoin Can’t Be Regulated – Mike Maloney

  1. Regulation, they don’t need. The CIA bankers have virus, algos and folks inside exchanges to take care of business. If bankers can control and profit from crypto it stays, if not it will go away.

  2. great now even mike is selling the crypto enslavement bs…..dont think for one second that this blockchain is not controlled by the rulers of this soceity….you’re walking right in the trap…

    • lets face it adoption and real world acplication is close to 0 and if we want that to change faster then people need to stop buying shitcoins in oder to get rich they ar elike oh look this one is faster zero fees blah blah but first we need to introduce the world population with crypto and w eneed to do it true bitcoin and average human wont get in to it unless he sees bitcoin rising 10 k every month and we cna achieve that easyli right now if people transfer their money from shitcoins back to bitcoin

    • It’s time for a paradigm shift! Not only in the existing, krank monetary system, but also in the entire cryptosphere.
      Start here:

    • The Collapse of World Wide Currencies is a planned Staged event. Once the Currencies have been decimated, the World Bank will offer their rendition of Cryptos and all others will be eliminated as tradable. This advanced Crypto introduction was just that an introduction. We will be allowed to keep a small fraction of our wealth into the new Crypto Currency. While the Financial Reset occurs no wealth will be overlooked to be fractionalized. Including ALL PENSION PLANS, 401k’s, bank accounts, and Stocks /Bonds. And this includes every Country on the Planet within Central Bank Control.

  3. The simplest way governments can crack down on crypto-currencies is by cutting the power supply to the miners, or making it uneconomically expensive. No miners, no cryptos.

  4. Crypto can easily be regulated.
    If you can’t convert your bitcoin back to cash without avoiding a prohibitively high tax rate. Then it becomes useless.
    And that’s what is going to happen.

  5. The value (price) of Bitcoin is too unstable to be used as money. You can’t be sure from one minute to the next whether you made a profit or a loss on the sale of your goods or services. Perhaps a gold backed Bitcoin would be more stable, but as long as Bitcoin’s price fluctuates so wildly I will never accept it as payment for my goods and services.

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