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Bitcoin is History – Mike Maloney

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Get Mike's book for free here: Bitcoin is monetary history in the making. But as Mike Maloney points out in this latest video, many of the investors in cryptocurrencies are new to the arena. Unfortunately, most have no idea how important monetary history is. The technologies may change, but the human emotions that power the markets – greed and fear – do not.

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66 Comments on Bitcoin is History – Mike Maloney

  1. Too bad you felt the need to defend your investment strategy. Any experienced investor understands the importance of diversification. Who in their right mind is ‘all in” on BTC alone. Even crypto traders diversify into other cryptos. Having a all your eggs in one basket never ends well. At least you’re not closed minded….like Dennis Gartman

    • Can’t help but wonder if the world will move to “anything but BTC” when Chicago opens hedge trading and it poisons BTC. Right now it’s a pure play (regardless of the conspiracy theories of monster players). Will it add stability or poison the spirit of a global currency?

    • who in their “right” mind [who decides that?] is still not “ALL OUT” in bitcoin ?
      Just disregard the golden eggs that spawn a new generation of gold egg laying geese.

    • 350% – inflation or including ?
      I agree with the undervalued part, but I still think cryptos will move more fist half of 2018 than gold and silver.
      after that, then I think they will all be moving up..lots

    • If you’ve read and understood what bitcoin is and what it does, how it works, you would know and understand that something decentralized CANNOT be controlled. I would suggest learning about it.

    • All you bitcoin know it alls avoid the 1996 report published by the NSA showing that it is controlled and designed by “them”. Same ol bullshit. When the majority gets fooled we all hang. idiots.

    • RkicF8
      I think you may be talking about the first time Blockchain came about when the us military was required to send encrypted messages via blocks without them being picked up by outsiders. It was a test but then the stuff never materialized because it was too costly. The inventor of Bitcoin used this same model then to create a digital currency. That’s how I understand it, feel free to correct but that’s what my sources tell me.

    • Quenze in a way, PMs are the oldest religion. The difference between the religion of PMs and the religion of crypto currency is that PMs are self-evident. PMs are real, tangible, quantifiable, incorruptible, indestructible, easily understood, easily and universally recognized, and useful. Cryptos are none of those things.

    • It’s new so it’s a small market. When things are new and small you’ll see a lot of passion and commitment. when it gets big, mission accomplished it gets old/boring. it’s not a religion or a cult. That’s just being judgmental. it’ll still be in our future. Accept it. not bashing gold at all. But it’s reality.

    • Keep saying this but it really isn’t. I️ used to think so when I️ didn’t know anything about it. I️ know it isn’t now. 1/3 millennials will prefer Cryptos to fiat. it’s the future and that’s the reality. I️ didn’t like the idea of it at first but I️ understand too well now. You eventually will too.

  2. The emotional vitriol of believers of CRYPTO is one of the reason I avoid it. Human nature of being too passionate over something means you overlook the downsides. Just ask anyone how they felt with their first love. Looking back you realize that you were blinded by emotions.

    • I stayed out of cryptos until I found I can earn crypto for upvoting, commenting, sharing content I like and I get paid for what I create. Not much, it is not going to be a “day job” for me but it allowed me to dabble in cryptos without investing any “real” (fiat) in them. Additionally, I am doing what I used to do on facebook and youtube and getting paid for it, and FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING THE CREATORS I LIKE without it costing me a dime. Now when I upvote people like Luke Rudkowski, Adam Kokesh, Larken Rose, they actually get paid for my support. MIKE MALONEY – I would upvote you there too!

  3. Bitcoin total valuation is about $100b, gold is about $8t. There isn’t a Bitcoin ETF yet. Institutional money hasn’t even entered the market yet. College kids buying Bitcoin doesn’t create a bubble, institutions do, and the party is only just beginning. The only argument against Bitcoin is that maybe possibly the government will ban it’s exchange, however several regulated exchanges have been approved, including Overstock, CME, CBOE, LedgerX. It isn’t a bubble until everyone views it positively and every baby boomer has it in their IRA

    • College kids have set numerous trends in the past. Some trends just can’t be killed after the adoption by “college kids.” Just take a look at how long marijuana hung-on … and then there’s Apple of course … and how about Google?

    • The government can’t even ban bitcoin, because it is decentralized.
      You can exchange it person to person [actually exchanges are just a market place where supply meets demand – nothing that can’t be done locally]

  4. Yes Dr. Maloney I agree that there are a lot of new investors in this space that take things personal when they hear something they perceive as negative about our precious bitcoin.

    Of course, I like how you point out that you can’t have the COIN in bit, WITHOUT the REAL precious coin which of course is gold.

    I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this blockchain tech community that is NOT familiar with monetary history to read professor Maloney’s book Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver as it will give you fresh perspective and a whole new appreciation for the word CURRENCY in crypto.

    If bitcoin is the honey badger of money and #bitconnect is the wolverine of cryptos then we should understand that the grandfather of money is that old #lion called gold.

    Without gold you have nothing to measure the value (or weight if you will) of your currency with other than faith…in what?

    Gold’s value is intrinsic and eternal and is the ultimate barometer of money.

    In the future, gold will not be “priced” in dollars or cash but in crypto, yet the currency will still need a tangible base by which to measure it’s value.

    At $7500 per bitcoin you can snag yourself about a good 4 or 5 oz of gold from but in the future when gold corrects and is priced in BTC you’d be crazy to think you won’t be able to snatch a FEW bitcoin for ONE oz of gold REGARDLESS of the “price” of gold.

  5. I’m new to all of this and having a lot of fun. The comments are very passionate and emotional from both camps with some people becoming angry and rude. I’m learning, listening and researching both cryptos and other investment opportunities. I love the wild, wild west of cryptos, it’s so exciting. I’m weary of the old guard, were the only true winners are banks and big institutions. Thank you for offering your book for free. I’ll take that opportunity.

  6. I recommend picking up Mike books for free as he offers at the end of the video. It really is an excellent read, if not from an investment point of view then from an historical point of view. The history of money is fascinating.

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