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The State of Anarchy & How Cryptocurrencies Could Usher In A Free World Without A Shot Fired

Jeff is interviewed by Carmen Carangi for State Of Anarchy. Topics include: the origins of Anarchapulco, huge growth in attendance, organic growth, Jeff starting with Bitcoin at $3, free market solutions in an Ancap society, there were only 15 Libertarians in the 1980's, come to Anarchapulco to learn about freedom, the non-aggression principal, left-right is a false narrative, the brainwashed cult of government, growing the freedom movement.

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36 Comments on The State of Anarchy & How Cryptocurrencies Could Usher In A Free World Without A Shot Fired

  1. Or they could use this currency to control everything that is bought and purchased through a chip in you’re hand or forehead. Scientists have said these two spots are the best for a microchip because body temperature stays the most regular. Where have I heard these things oh the Bible. Because this is the tool they will use. We all have heard this but when it comes to be then what??? It says most will do it.

    • +lookingatliers eyes wide shut
      You obviously haven’t a clue how cryptocurrencies function. I would say educate yourself, but if you believe in superstitious biblical prophesy nonsense, that suggestion is clearly wasted on someone like you. The Bronze Age is over, move on.

    • A system with no money would be ideal but small steps at a time might be the way forward . Cryptos will hopefully disrupt the system enough to enable some change for the better. At the very least it might give someone new a turn at being in control. My intention is to ride a timeline where the system changes into something more benevolent to everyone.

    • You are correct in your assumption that digital currencies will take us a major step closer to the mark of the beast. It is coming and can’t be stopped. The question is, can you prosper from crypto before it gets to the point of total control of purchases and bless those is need. Or better prepare for the coming disaster that we are facing. The world will be in chaos for all the nations of the world to sign over their authority to a one world global leader. Prepare accordingly…

    • Arian A well.. that was his Road of self discovery…
      But I have to say that I totally agree with Jeff on drinking and smoking..
      Your brain and thought process is weaker when you smoke and drink..
      Try to quit for 2 weeks and you will see it for yourself

    • Case in point, that interviewer started rambling a bit midway through… I was really finding it interesting until he started in about the reiki stuff. 🙄

    • 13thGeneral stop looking for perfection or The Mesias.. nobody will have the complete perfect picture nor Vision..
      Make your own..
      Take what it’s useful.. Learn
      And then share..
      In Sharing you will learn even more !

  2. I think it’s simple, if crypto is a tool to merge into a new world free from parasites , thumbs up , if it’s used for evil like the doom n gloom everyone is carrying on about , then no probs, I’ll happily sit on the hill of my property and shoot it out because that’s a world I don’t care to live in, either way let’s do this!

    • magnus4g63 that’s completely different. If you take someone it increases the number of rapes there are. But a country can only either be anarchist or not anarchist. Once a country becomes anarchist then someone will rise to power and make it not anarchist. That government will likely be worse than the current one. The government’s only responsibility should be to protect people’s human rights.

  3. I can’t believe people actually believe Anarchy is a feasible form of government…I’m sure people are like: “YEA ANARCHY!!!… wait … are you serious?” I can’t believe i’d have to explain it, but here it goes: basically if you have an anarchist country… your neighboring country will invade and steal your resources…the end…


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