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The Current State of Affairs in The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Space with Jeff Berwick on

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In this video, Jeff shares his views on what is happening with the volatility in the crypto space. He also talks frankly, and in his sometimes completely candid style, about what is happening in the "Bitcoin War" that is going on now. You are going to love what he says about Anarcapulco 2018 and you'll want to be involved, even if it is to watch the streaming video.

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47 Comments on The Current State of Affairs in The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Space with Jeff Berwick on

  1. You really need to stop hitching your wagon to scummy Roger Ver. Is Roger Ver paying you off? Every reason you can make to supposedly use B Cash you can use that same argument to use Lite Coin over B Cash. Why do you keep trashing Bitcoin and pumping B Cash instead of Lite Coin?

    Roger Ver and B Cash have no answer to the scale-ability issue except keep increasing the block size (which is bad if you want it to stay decentralized). Say what you want about the Bitcoin Core team but at least they are coming up with some solutions.

    • KeepItKrypto 420 you are absolutely right. Cryptos are fo4 us to have our own opinion on what we like the rules to be. That being said, BCH is just a scam. They say it is “the real bitcoin” right? Bitcoin is suppose to be decentralized coin right? This won’t happen increasing block size. Just watch “Delivering at Scale” by Andreas Antonopoulos to show you why increasing block size will not only kill decentralization, but just isn’t possible unless you hope in the future you can download 1 Terabyte blocks EVERY 10 min (better info in the video I stated above).

    • Criminal Ver and bcash gets what he deserves. it’s called bcash all day every day, it’s insidious and the ripoff that ripped Ver team off is like roses in comparison. bcash to the molten core of the earth, or whatever they tell us is in there tomorrow. You won’t Win with the slavers Jeff, truth can’t be stopped and your timeline finally shows you’re on the running scared side. isn’t bitcoin. You taught us that once.

    • A 300mb blocksize will be big enough to accommodate all Visa and MasterCard but that will require a few gigabyte hard drive a year for a full node. A poor African would not be able to afford that and therefore increasing blocksize to accommodate everyone will lead to centralization

    • Playster 300mb blocks is 1.8 GB every hour, 43.2 GB a DAY. Thanks to pruning though we might not need to store all that memory but hard drives is the least of the problem. You will need a device that can be able to propagate that 300 Mb block in under ten minutes and this will make it hard for third world countries. Even worse, is the bandwidth! They have to DOWNLOAD 300 Mb in under 10 min and have a data plan that let’s them download 43.2 GB a day! BCH already wants 1 GB blocks now. Once that happens its game over.

  2. Jeff What do you think About what Wolf of WallStreet is saying ? Do you think he is right about if Bitcoin Gets Regulated as securities then it will fall

    • Technical Inc I really don’t do videos any longer cus I’m a trader and I also suck at recording lol..

      I rather spend time finding trade set ups than editing videos haha. I’m also into really researching cryptos on the back pages 200 -800 to find strong undervalued coins with strong fundamental values. But thanks. And spread the word on Twitter #paywithlitecoin

    • Technical Inc hi that’s the whole point dude the original Bitcoin not (b cash )with no head office or .com or centre point of attack can’t be regulated it can only be out lawed and so that didn’t work with alcohol !! Where as b cash and sure b cash has used etc but ain’t no decentralised Bitcoin .. b cash they opted hard forked to not have seg wit as the asic miners don’t run segwit ability therefore lose profit margin.. seg wit does increase the block size ability but isn’t recognised however coinbase bitpay are now going to implement .bitmain chip manufacturer only sell they’re asic chips for b cash now that’s forcing a singular market Niro decentralised .. Jeff B a very astute and liked guy and gr8 info on the d v but he failed to mention the Bitcoin lightening network now on main chain , shnoor signatures , mast , rootstock which all are enabled to be over the nxt yrs to be implemented . Bitcoin core aren’t against big blocks just choose by consensus due to security fears not to increase blocks at this point if b cash is successful then I’m sure this will be considered but there’s too much money involved to risk . Also I didn’t hear the s e c mention b cash did you ! Good luck to all ✌️😊

    • Loosecannon Recordings “accredited investor”. This is what regulation is truly all about. We will all be retail investors, left out of the club we created. Please spread the word, and listen closely when they say this term. Very closely. Crypto won’t die from regulation, it’ll get bigger, way bigger. Bigger than the stock market and commodity market and bond market. They’re ok with this no problem. But no regular Joe working man will ever be able to invest early into any good idea crypto ever again. Please look up what it means, if you don’t already know this fact, and spread the word.

    • Technical Inc no it gets bigger, much much bigger, but everyone who loves it fails. Accredited investors only win from regulation forward.

  3. Nobody really controls it? It’s software, programers do and those controlling the programmers. Cryptocurrency is the downfall of all freedom because is a ledger. All you need is a Government implemented cryptocurrency for the masses with a wallet hash instead of a SSN. All your history will be blockchained and accessible at will. This is why “they” are funding and building the infrastructure in the background. The kinks are not worked out yet, but when they are expect complete tyranny.

    • I share your concerns IPhoneWinterboarder.  There’s nothing wrong with technology itself, however in the hands of the ruling elites / criminals etc… we have to be kidding ourselves to think it couldn’t be used against us.  Thank you for your comments.

    • Until proven differently my theory: SATOSHI=AI
      Mining is computing power given to AI manipulating but at least controlling the market its laughable how easy for “her” since all the margins and positions the amount of holdings even behaviour of individual can be monitored through centralised exchanges
      She currently probably from the birth of blockchain monitors the 7billions of us with more and more power dedicated to her by mining
      Just theory but none could prove me wrong yet

      In 30yrs ppl would give anything for the freedom we had in the days of paper cash
      Blockchain is a fundamental element for NWO

    • iPhoneWinterboarder nobody really controls it, if you really really learn about your money (BTC) and then start voting for the direction you want it to take. If we see BTC doesn’t follow the will of the people anymore, then we simply create again and start another campaign in the war

  4. If govts, by some means-regulations, got hold of btc/crypto, they will be able to tax us even we spend a penny.

    • shoaib zaheer taxation is theft.. they already do this. They steal before we’re even paid for working- income taxes, or creating work- business taxes, then they steal again when we spend what we’re allowed to keep- sales taxes, then they steal again when we drive home- license taxes, then they steal again when we arrive home- property taxes. This list is not complete. Bitcoin with lightning is different from on chain transactions, it’s private, and many taxes won’t be able to be assessed.. don’t be worried- we as bitcoin are working on it! but it will be a war, and they’ve won over Jeff somehow, but they won’t be able to win the majority. Truth can’t be hidden. Light can’t be covered by darkness.

  5. I found a VERY good use for the BCash I got from the fork….. I converted into more Bitcoin! I’m confident the bitcoin software can be improved and utilized widely.

  6. It’s about freedom? That’s not true. I’m pretty sure it’s about promoting and selling a select list of brands.. Huh, weird. Maybe there’s an update coming to this video.

  7. 04:20 – It was pretty Ridiculous/Absurd/AWKWARD – to not accept BITCOIN as payment for a Bitcoin Tshirt, at a Texas Bitcoin Conference 😰😭🙀 #wtf #shame

    • B52 same. I hope he realizes he’s selling us all into slavery and goes against his masters with us. If it’s never going to happen, not only did I already unsub, but then also won’t watch anything he touches no matter how interesting the title may be.

  8. Its digits on a screen and based 100% on human psychology and that can blow away like feathers in a hurricane leaving you broke.

    • at least there is math/open source behind these currency that anyone can audit. Ever tried to audit a government agency?

    • You would have better chances of recovering the feathers. Bitcoin is like those round rocks for money without the rocks. The argument between bitcoin and Btc is validating them much like how Hillary validates Trump.

  9. What high fees? After Jihan tripped over the cord on the spam bot fees fell to 6 Sat/b. You can’t push the high fee narrative any longer as reason for BCash. SegWit is working, Lightning is working, and is super decentralized, fast, and cheap. The solutions the consensus supported are proving out. Time to come back home to Bitcoin Jeff.

  10. That BCASH is behaving themselves as acompany with Roger Fer as Director. The way he milead people by saying Bitcoin Cash=Bitcoin
    The manipulation of Bcash trying to pump.And now Berwick is a supporter of Bcash?? What is the meaning behind that??
    I really do not trust anybody behind Bcash,they really act as a CENTRALIZED coin.

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