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State of the Disunion: The Truth About The Planned Implosion of the American Empire

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Topics include: where the empire stands today, systemic collapse, fear and submission, security vs freedom, staggering government debt, the cult of statism, indoctrination and brain washing, the mask is falling off government, police state and control, tyranny, v the new free financial system, wars need propaganda, money is the source of power, decentralization, Bitcoin, the century of total war, the possibility of peace and prosperity.

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32 Comments on State of the Disunion: The Truth About The Planned Implosion of the American Empire

  1. 1929 was not only engineered by the central bank but also and by one of the central bank’s founders if you haven’t guessed it by now JP Morgan

  2. Since your a Trump hater, would it be safe to say that you’re in alignment with the MSM? Or, are you just cowtowing to your masters? Both Bush Jr and Hillary walking hand in hand doesn’t tell you anything? Speaking of communism, the Benjamin H Freedman speech is something to listen to. That’s before the advent of the ‘Holocaust’.

  3. 4:18 He calls bad places in the world. He calls 2 of the 3 countries without a central bank. Cuba and North Korea (Iran is nr3). Maybe the central bank isn’t so bad….

    • Superman, wow. All nations that don’t have these central banks, the imperialist US and GB attack them and kill and destroy their nation. You are more stupid then I thought. US and GB are the real Nazis, they funded Nazis in WWII, they funded ISIS and pretty much all of the terrorists in the recent human history.

    • Ed
      Hey Ed! Are you a SPAM-organisation or just one person. You are everywhere on youtube. Jeff calls 2 bad countries. And those countries haven’t a central bank. When a central bank runs the economics of a country, everybody have to work. So they must healthy, have to eat, and good traffic. And yes they are just sheaps like 99% of the world. Maybe we agree on the fact that some people are very bad. But the countries without those bad people are fuckedup countries.

    • Superman Do you really think Jeff is a North Korean loving Communist? If you do….YOU are an idiot. I don’t believe you think that. I think you are just another Troll that loves to create dissention and turmoil.

  4. Get into Bitcoin right now or you will miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to become a multimillionaire! Plus bitcoin will destroy government, nationalism, and corruption and bring about a new era of utopian prosperity and peace.

  5. Jeff, this is one of the best speeches I’ve heard from you.
    You only still have one thing wrong, and that is about what communism is.
    The globalists don’t want communism, communism is workers having control over their workplace (means of production). Bitcoin system actually uses this communist principle. I wish you would know this… it would help you put the last pieces of the puzzle together.

    • Yeah i think this speech is very good. Hey Ed have you noticed on other channels now many people attacking Jeff like crazy for being more of a Bitcoin Cash supporter??
      The hate is unreal.

  6. Look at the Island of Eigg off the coast of Scotland. They have zero government, and guess what? They have NO crime!! Proof of what you are saying. I think you should be touting “Assassination Politics”. It’s the ONLY solution I have ever heard. Cryptos are not the solution because the Jew bankers can buy all the coins with unlimited money.

  7. Although I’ve been researching all this stuff for years and it’s really nothing new to me, this is an amazing speech by Jeff Berwick, for those watching who are not up on world current affairs. I don’t really understand all the hate that Jeff gets, people calling him a sellout and being a shill etc. My advice to you if you are one of those F*** what you read about him from others etc, Just take in what he is saying and go do your own research and you will come to a realisation that everything Jeff is saying is truly on point!!

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