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Pay For Anything With Almost Any Crypto – ICO Spotlight on MoxyOne

Earn 10-30% pm Safely Trading Forex On Autopilot

Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

£15 monthly payment is the only up front out of pocket expense

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£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

Paypal account is required

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Jeff Berwick interviews Mo Abbas and Tanshul Kumar of MoxyOne, topics include: debit cards and payment systems for alt coins, a normal debit card experience with crypto-liquidity behind the scenes, just in time funding, off chain near zero fee transactions, SPEND tokens, ICO is in main sale phase, SPEND tokens have utility and are the native currency of the MoxyOne system, partnered with CobinHood, an exclusive listing on Cobinhood, MoxyOne can bring spend ability to all the altcoins, will help the crypto industry and economy.

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61 Comments on Pay For Anything With Almost Any Crypto – ICO Spotlight on MoxyOne

  1. when comparing to Monaco Card (mco) this is a long way behind, and it seems unnecessary to white label each cryptos card when you can get monaco and use dozens of cryptos on one.

    • Arjen Danson most people who speak negativity of Gay people are gay themselves, some kind of guilt thing..

    • Arjen Danson : so you are gay. Just figured. I find that gay people have little or no critical thinking skills. I don’t have a problem with gay people as long as you don’t through it in my face. Keep it to yourself. This whole gender neutral thing has been enhanced with BPA and other hormone agents instigated by the communists to reduce the population. The millennial generation is the product of what the baby boomer generation consumed

  2. it says not all countries supported, is US allowed? It looks like they want a lot of information. Can’t I just send 10$ ether and get some tokens?

    “Your contribution will only be approved by our smart contract if your Ethereum address is white listed after passing our KYC check. ”

    why is trading such a pain, just send me yummy ether classics here:


  3. ALL debit cards are heavily regulated. Pretty much it cant be done anonymously = GOV crack down. I warn against it as you have to do the KYC scam

    • Info Planet I figured a citizenship like Cayman Islands, Vanuatu, Switzerland would not matter if they do have KYC laws since there are no capital gains tax.

    • you can load into that pre-paid card crypto you’re willing to expose

      being your bank = you gotta be resposinble as a banker

    • I believe the government is slowly going to have to change its tune and get around to not really messing with Bitcoin as much I think debit cards or whatever kind of car that come up with will be very useful in going mainstream with Bitcoin we’re at digital card Society that’s how we like to play with things it’s going to happen for sure it’s going to happen

    • new card issuer (at this time, more than one) will come out in the next 1-2 month.. so business is already proofed and ready again soon. at this low prices, it makes much more sense to invest in a proven business instead of an new ico, so Glenn Evans is right !

    • haha, thanks mate, appreciate it!
      there are to many of these icos coming out, they will be made obsolete and only a few left standing, i believe Tenx to be on the top side of this list.
      P.s i think one of the new card issues is “wirecard” yet to be comfirmed but definitely a massive move for Tenx from its last card issuer “WaveCrest”.
      wonder how much Jeff got paid for this one lol.

    • I agree, TenX will have this under wraps. They are leaps ahead and have already dealt with the problems which these guys might not be prepared for.

    • Yes they had, but after the crackdown no one has.. but they will issue new ones this month.

  4. What about ten x there already doing great things. I really like projects that integrate payment portals from crypto to goods. But I’d rather invest in one that’s already a head of the game. I know it’s not a 1 project show but I never invest in ico. Your better off waiting until it tanks in the market after pre ico sellers sell off. But TenX is my favorite.

    • Steve Smith That’s what worries me too and it’s not an unreasonable outcome. Simply banning crypto for retail. When banks feel threatened, the government also feels threatened. Then anything goes and gets justified with their bullshit. As a hedge, I’m personally allocating some portion of crypto to privacy coins. For one thing, the government will always seek to ‘know’ for tax reasons who’s doing what. Therefore the government will always keep privacy coins relevant.

  5. Visa and MasterCard must be left out of this equation. A new system need to be developed, not theirs.

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