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33 Comments on Man Holds Up “Buy Bitcoin” Sign as Ol’ Yellen Blathers on How Fed Shoudn’t Be Audited

    • It should do, he later posted a photo with the sign and also held up a BTC wallet address, and the donations are flooding in! Where there’s an incentive…

    • Kevin Kelbie the BTC royalty want to make it into crypto gold big valuable, slow, held by a few, expensive to move. LTC is more like bills and coins in the analogy. when you see the transaction cost on buying a coffee with million dollar BTC you’ll be begging for 250,000 DOLLAR LTC. Both have a hard cap.

    • LTC is going to be a Rip Your Face Off Rally. As much as I love Bitcoin these clowns are going to ruin it over Politics. Litecoin is also now by far my largest holding.

  1. Not just anybody can sit that close to the fed chair woman …Millions upon Millions of people would love to see her dangling by a rope

  2. Bitcoin going to a new ath within a month, all aboard! and away from the most transparent central bank according to ms.yellen haha

  3. How can she say that the fed “Is one of the most transparent” and keep a straight face? She should win an Oscar for best actress

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