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JP Morgan CEO Admits He Was Wrong About Bitcoin

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Did you hear about the bankster who said cryptocurrency was a waste of time? His "Bitcoin alternative" patent was rejected 175 times!

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43 Comments on JP Morgan CEO Admits He Was Wrong About Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin is frivolous activity yielding nothing of value , other than allowing presence of online gambling. Totally worthless in terms of true value.
    It’s current monetary value is driven from participants perception of value.

    • lol this wasnt an admittance, this was him saving face because his people started “side eyeing” him. mmhmm and he was caught with his and in the cookie jar. its all a shady mess. but love this video

    • alpha7B5 yes, it is. We never know what is on their vile minds until we are fucked up again. if you can’t prevent something get control of it. They do have means to pump up the price of Bitcoin to the stratosphere and then drop it all the way down to earth in no time. They can create an alternative like Ripple or something and pump its price to the stratosphere again to beat the price of Bitcoin and make people flee Bitcoin. After all, they can stop the evolution of Bitcoin by preventing upgrades and making it look less an less attractive as a means of exchange. Time will tell which way they will choose but make no mistake – they must have a plan

  2. It’s all speculative. It could have easily gone the other way! How to really know? You don’t. That’s why it’s called gambling….you win some you lose some.

  3. In case you have not heard the good news :
    I’m pleased to be able to share @MoneyGram has partnered with @Ripple to use $XRP in their payment flows.
    Go Ripple ! What’s In Your Wallet ?

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