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Jeff Berwick Exposes The Fed & The Entire Matrix Control System on The American Intelligence Report

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Jeff is interviewed on The American Intelligence Report, topics include: fiat currency and the Freemasons, the Federal Reserve and the end of the gold standard, the real causes for the US civil war, bypassing the current economic system entirely, gold silver and bitcoin, privacy and crytocurrencies, altcoins, Litecoin, changes to the bitcoin software, Dash and anonymity, Ethereum, the TDV newsletter's great track record

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39 Comments on Jeff Berwick Exposes The Fed & The Entire Matrix Control System on The American Intelligence Report

    • Did you follow Jeff’s suggestions to escape the “coming collapse in the USA” (he rambled on about AFTER the financial crisis had happened as a way to exploit stupid people) and send him $50,000 for a Mexican passport? He ripped off hundreds of people in that scam. This is common knowledge.

    • scam buster you are so far gone and with a huge lack of understanding, bye felicia 👋 go preach somewhere else, isnt there a FB group of you who are upset about the passport thing, understandably, but doesnt mean it was a scam on jeffs behalf, but yeah cant you guys just whine and cry and blame others amongst yourselves and not give rude, hater like unsolicited opinions? that would be great, thanks 👍

  1. Fools They can make exchanges illegal but they don’t because it’s their 4th version of central banking
    1) Kings and queens controlled currency
    2) Government controlled currency
    3) Central Banks controlled currency
    4) AI controlled currency
    You’re all being taken and this is their creation and the final step in world domination.
    Meanwhile they bring in Feminism
    Meanwhile they are going ahead with Agenda 20/30
    Meanwhile they are attacking every country that has a central banking system that is not theirs.
    Meanwhile they will reduce the population. Waiting for the baby-boomers to die off while vaccinating your children and Monsanto pollutes your food.

  2. +1 for promoting Dash > Litecoin. Litecoin is hobbled by segshit which is written by BSCore, an AXA fiat funded dev group that’s intentionally crippling Bitcoin by not increasing the blocksize. Dash devs doesn’t have the same kind of conflict of interest since they’re funded by the block subsidy as well as solving the governance issue.

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