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First National Election Powered by Blockchain

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What Would You Change If?

Sierra Leone's citizens just voted for their master — on a blockchain.

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29 Comments on First National Election Powered by Blockchain

  1. A great idea if it works and could then be used world-wide to stop all the rigging we know goes on. You then think of the undemocratic, dictatorial countries most likely not to use it, like China, yet we might be surprised to see they embrace it whilst it is such as the USA and UK not willing to upset their cosy little voting arrangements as “Russia might hack it!”

  2. a “country”: what a wonderfully 20th century idea. In cryptoland of 21st century, nation states die and get replaced by crypto-mediated virtual nations. Don’t like the tax rules, wrong-headed governance decisions of your current nation? Then fork it and create your own improved version as a cryptonation. Vote your coinz.

    Everyone reading this plz pray for me I am in continuous nerve pain, that triggers severe migrainal episodes and am waiting surgery on the 27th.Thank u all as I also pray for all of u my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!!!

  4. Closed blockchains are not the answer. They can be easily corrupted. An open sourced voting system is the only way election rigging can be stopped.

  5. I’ve been anxious to see voting go on the blockchain! This video brings some very exciting news!!

  6. Oooo, this is getting goood…
    Eagerly awaiting a blockchain election in the USA 😀
    Like the Titanic raising itself, never gonna happen, calm now kiddies…

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