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Dogecoin Soars Past $2 Billion Market Cap, Very Wow

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29 Comments on Dogecoin Soars Past $2 Billion Market Cap, Very Wow

  1. How bout giving a pot grower that can’t grow because of the 502 laws in Wa. State a job counting all your crypto currencies??? Start a pharm and I’ll bloom for you…I just got out of jail a month ago for growing cannabis here in Washington. I’ve been growing/breeding cannabis for 28 years and get busted for it after it becomes legal. Hardy har har… now I’m a criminal.

    • Legalization so far has been a joke.  It’s only legal for smokers and a select few producers and retailers, most life long growers have been pushed out or arrested for noncompliance.  Quality is suffering along with freedom. The “Marijuana Justice Act of 2017” currently buried in committee seeks to deschedule cannabis and retroactively expunge offenses.

  2. Why did all coins drop on dec 22nd at 822 am my time, look it up! Is every coin connected??? Why all at same time something going on here that me know please no one seems to answer me please???

  3. If the markets run by BOTS and Whales, does a coin need intrinsic value to make money? seems they all get their turn, and the more money that comes in, cycle continues

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