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54 Comments on Bitcoin Smashes Through $9,000 As All BTC Forks Now Over $11,000

    • highly stable to mine in ethOS currently… i think it most profitable GPU minable coin currently as well… Proof of stake excites and scares me at the same time so hedging with a gpu mine using free energy makes me feel grrrrreat!

    • E Landscaper

      “Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy bitcoin!

      Don’t think! Don’t ask questions. Don’t challenge the alleged experts. Never doubt the dogma. Don’t ask who invented bitcoin. Don’t ask who still owns the vast bulk of bitcoins not yet released from the alleged limited issuance of btc.

      Next stop? Ten million dollars for one bitcoin.”

      PT Barnum

  1. Botcoin program was wrote by Sophia the AI. No human alive is smart enough to write program. This is all part of NWO agenda. They will control you. If your not a good joow you will be cut off.

    • Omar Touzani obsolete? While I would not call Bitcoin obsolete, I know its ponzy scheme now as its use case is prevented by Core, but how do you conclude that Bitcoin Cash is obsolete, please explain?

    • Obsolete in comparison to other cryptos like Neo, Dash, Stratis, Eth,… Slow transactions in comparison to other cryptos, expensive, backed by nothing but faith, doesn’t stake,…

    • Speed is not everything, Bitcoin can actually provide pretty much instant transactions, and also true decentralisation is very important property, which must never be neglected or ignored, which most other cryptos don’t have. Most are outright scams, Ethereum is not decentralised and is not even meant to be used as money, Dash has %10 of its funds going to developers, which is sounding like get super rich scheme for these developers, so no… Bitcoin system is the mother of all crypto, but one that is not suppressed and is actually usable world wide and on world scale, can be called true Bitcoin. Bitcoin store of value is not Bitcoin… SegWit is not Bitcoin system and Lighting is not Bitcoin system.

  2. goes to show that bch will always just be another alt coin and btc will cmpletely rule its nitch which is no longer a currency, but a great store of value… hey jeff leave the currencies up to the alts..

  3. BTC Doubters Logic:
    $1,000 = Bubble
    $2,000 = Big Bubble
    $5,000 = Bigger Bubble
    $10,000 = Giant Bubble
    $1,000,000 = See we were right, look at how big the bubble has become..

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