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Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k… Wait… $11k! What The Fk Is Going On?

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33 Comments on Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k… Wait… $11k! What The Fk Is Going On?

  1. I’ll tell you what’s happening
    Smart people pulled their money out of tech stocks today and poured it into bitcoin

  2. BTC will continue to go up and faster.. remember, a 10% move is over a grand now.. it is up higher than most predicted by year end, and it’s not quite December yet.. 12-15k I would guess in the next month. Furthermore, there will be lots of new money coming in as people close out stock/fiat positions before the end of the year, or just after the new year has begun. Whatever the price of btc is, add a zero to the end for Dec 2018. Hodl all you vigorous master baiters!

  3. Bro, not a dis, but why are your eyes ALWAYS bloodshot like a mofo?
    Lemme guess… bad contact lenses?
    You gobro!
    I’m werf: $772,499.25 BTC!
    Thanks for the pro-tip!!!

    • The only way to have helped you, would have been to kidnap you and make you watch about 60 hours of Andreas Antonopolous… It took me 4-6 months of solid youtube videos to learn and trust bitcoin back then, the feeling was general uncertainty.

    • Cam raiD you did exactly what I did, ended up buying my first bitcoin this year January. Who would’ve thought bitcoin would hit $10,000 dollars by the end of the year. #insane

    • The gold coin:
      The corporate media always shows Bitcoin as a gold coin.
      The 10:
      1s and 0s are the foundation of computer language.
      Now Bitcoin is worth $10k in 2018.

      Forbes is promoting Bitcoin as the best investment of 2018. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
      Satoshi Nakamoto is the unknown creator of Bitcoin.
      Japan now accepts Bitcoin as legal tender.
      Bitcoin is a world currency. It is 2018.
      Think the Rothschild’s prediction is just a coincidence?

      And Bitcoin was created by a random nobody?

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