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Bitcoin Mining Banned in the USSA

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Plattsburgh, NY just became the first US city to outlaw Bitcoin mining. Want to let them know what you think? Call the Mayor's office at 518-563-7701 or email:

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34 Comments on Bitcoin Mining Banned in the USSA

  1. Great news, because the dollar will be next. To be know good to buy oil outlawed too in other countries

  2. You didn’t say why the city of Plattsburgh took this action. The crypto miners were using up an exorbinant amount of electricity and driving up the bills of everyone else in the city. The city is only allowed to buy at at a cheap price a set amount of Kwh and the crypto miners were driving up the usage – thus causing the cost of everyone else to rise significantly. The miners don’t have a right to do that either!

  3. Cryptos are ponzi schemes, wouldn’t touch it with a 6 foot barge pole . Let us have silver or gold backed Cryptos.

  4. The government is corrupt as Hell!! They are banning free speech, 2nd amendment, rule of law, spying on citizens, illegial wars, etc. It’s time to fight back !

  5. The people there were bitching because it was causing their power bills to go up during “peak” hours.

  6. This might attract even more mining… I’m guessing they are subsidizing the electricity with funds stolen from tax payers???

  7. Yes yes yes – we the people are way more powerful than the oligarchy who are frightened by the prospect of we the people managing our own Banks

  8. The city is sore because it’s cheap electricity didn’t attract the business it wanted, that it could tax and reduce unemployment.

  9. If I could remember correctly, A friend of mine once told me that I could never make it REAL BIG In this bitcoin mining And getting to try it for a long time now almost made me lose my confidence but not until I JOINED this He made me realise the tricks and facts In mining. TRULY everything about LIFE works pragmatically and priggishly. Don’t think I’ll ever thank MR Collins enough. GOD BLESS YOU FOR ME.

  10. Time to stop selling the treasury ink and cotton. Crypto will buy up all the dollar production commodity to prevent the printing of dollar. Buy the money machine mechanics and destroy it like China did to all USA automotive tooling. The dollar is dead.

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