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Bitcoin Has Been Compromised! Learning How To Protect Yourself With Victurus Libertas

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Jeff appears on Victurus Libertas, topics include: there is no way Bitcoin is a covert operation or psy-op of any kind, Bitcoin can only undermine state power, attacking the root of power, government blockchains, the war on cash, and end to inflation, Ripple the bankster coin, another exiting year in crypto, Bitcoin transaction fees and speed, Core vs Cash, reduction in Bitcoin usage, all the details on the upcoming Anarchapulco conference

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66 Comments on Bitcoin Has Been Compromised! Learning How To Protect Yourself With Victurus Libertas

  1. Jeff, the conspiracy makes sense because of this…Nations and Governments and the bankers were only ever stepping stones on the path to the true goal. The fabric of the old world is dissolving to be replaced with a new technocratic era. Public Key encryption will eventually be broken and the only logical step ensure the security of people’s digital assets is to have the encryption process based on your personal genome, your DNA. The Internet of Things will continue to grow, AI will continue to grow, and the people who became super rich from crypto will be offered as a public example of why its OK to get yourself microchipped in some way. This is why the conspiracy makes sense. That’s just my view however…

    • I thought about this with some time and here’s my result. Technology is neutral, therefor it’s not technology that is going to enslave us, but governments and central planners that use tech in this way are. It’s a dual bladed sword, and one of the reasons why we come this far is because we have harnessed the power of that sword and use it for good. In no way will you stop technological advancement, just like you pointed out. We have to accept it and use it for good. What do you think?

    • yeah dill you’re right. Government is not gonna go away quietly. they’ll kill people before walking away.

    • +Cruelvader I see where you are coming from and I’ll tell you why I disagree because I used to think like you. I view technology as an entire seperate entity from humanity. It acts as a parasite that can only exist with humans that create it. In this regard it comes across as an externalization of humanities fear of the unknown/fear of not being in control of everything. Because of this it continues to externalize itself from a “different dimension”, basically the deep recesses of the human psyche. The technology will continue to secrete what it needs us to need (if that makes sense) whether it be order or chaos or both, (ie the printing press, the internet, block chain, all create order and chaos at the same time) while using humanities creative impulses to continue to create itself. I agree we can exist in symbiosis with this, it doesn’t mean that we’d need to get chipped and whatnot. Certanily “evil” and “good” are human concepts however what do you value? Life or Death? is life worth living when you are just a machine? are you already a machine? these are the important questions and by what the creators of crypto are calling their projects I feel like they know what they are doing ie Cardano’s security protocol is called Ouroborus (the snake eating its own tail) going around and round in circles…we’ve all been here before but it is time to break the cycle…i hope that makes sense… that being said i’m invested in crypto in order to make bank and fight back against this system with the resources it provides…welcome to the matrix

  2. jeff,, if bitcoin is only limited at 21million(whatever the number is,BUT, its divisible to 8 digits ,, doesn’t that make bitcoin actual number 21million times 8 digits? this only a limited number is a total BS story also

    • When they refer to how many bitcoins are, when you compare with iotas, they refer to the smalles unit of a bitcoin and that is 0.00000001 “bitcoins” or more commonly reffered to 1 satoshi.

      1 bitcoin have 100,000,000 satoshi, 21 millions bitcoins have 2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshis

      1 MIOTA have 1,000,000 iotas, 2,779,530,283 MIOTA’s have 2,779,530,283,277,761 IOTAS

    • joe b well, not exactly. It would be like saying gold is essentially infinite, since gold can be divided up into countless little pieces. So, is the true cap on the amount of gold actually equal to the number of gold atoms? Cause you could divide gold that small and it would still be gold. But realistically, bitcoin is limited. Yes, it’s fractional, but the important thing is that the total amount of full bitcoins won’t exceed 21 million. But yes I see your point. I think more importantly than there being a fixed cap is that the rate at which the number of bitcoin is created is known and is predictable, unlike essentially any other currency. How much gold will be mined next year? Who know. But bitcoin we do know. So even if it wasn’t a finite capped supply, simply knowing the inflation rate is perhaps just as important.

    • So if Bitcoin is at around $15,000 and I want to but a new guitar for $800 don’t I need and require that I can divide that $15,000 coin into fractions to pay for very small items and get change back sort of like using a $1,000 bill back in the early 1900’s? Your thoughts on this please.

  3. There is so much bull talked by many people who have no idea what they are talking about its an absolute pleasure to listen to Jeff. If i was asked who is the one person who i would like to sit and have a beer with it would be this man.

    • I am saving up to do exactly that my friend. I am sick and tired of the banksters ruining peoples lives. Its time for crypto warriors to lead from the front. I am not stupid enough to believe that they wont target my hypnotherapy business. Its already happening but i wont back down. Its time for ordinary people to take back this world which we live in. I wish you and your family a safe and prosperous 2018.

    • I am sure Jeff would chat with you; but he stopped drinking. He’s into fasting and sungazing now. How cool is that, … it’s way cool, i know cause he inspired me to try them. Not much sun in France these days tho ~ bummer.

  4. Bitcoin is corrupted they charge more than the banks i swapped two months ago to Lite coin and Bitcoin cash Thanks for an other great Video.

    • Gerard Melvin Bitcoin is not corrupt the problem is that the lightning network is work in progress and the block is kept small to keep Bitcoin decentralized, a lot of people are working on different solutions to the scaling problem. For now diversify use bitcoin, dash, litecoin, monero etc. Bitcoin has been under attack many times and it keeps getting stronger. If Bitcoin was centralized it would have been killed already. For these reasons privacy coins are very important.

    • Oh and remember that Roger Ver is the one who recommended Mt Gox. Who has been manipulating statistics. And had deals with Ripple the bankers non-blockchain not crypto coin!!

    • Bitcoin Cash did not divide us. *Bitcoin SegWit* divided us, and started the wave of forks.
      Blockstream is a CIA operation.

    • man when jeff believes in conspiracy theories he starts to see conspiracies everywhere like what he thinks about blockstream controlling core dev team. add that with some BS from Bcash controlled by one Jihan of bitmain he just gets f**ked with nonsense. and expecially if he is not a technical person does have no technical knowledge SEGWIT lightning and no idea as to the technical resonse why blocksize could not be increased

    • IF that is Roger, then let me say, “Bitcoin Cash IS Bitcoin,” because “Things That Are Equal To Each Other Are Equal To The Same Thing.” Compare Satoshi’s White Paper against Core and Cash and you’ll find some very strange things with core. I have to use core for now, but am very eager as to when Cash is a reserve currency with the exchanges. I will buy it from then on. Roger, please DO let me know when this happens.

    • Where can I use Bcash? 99.99% of places do not accept it, high fess trump not being able transact at all. Will everyday commerce adoption occur for it? the logical answer is highly unlikely, the negative stigma attached to bitcoin cash which you can strongly state occurred from all its shady antics and aggressive marketing tactics by Roger and his vile convention friends circle have made potential adopters weary of adopting it.

      Bitcoin cash (bcash) unfortunately only has a place at the table due to it piggy backing off its parents name. Remove the name its just another alt coin doing something slightly different, it cannot stand on its own two feet. Why would you entrust value to a crypto that has little power without its parents name? Its developers/supporters/sock puppets/shills reinforce this by getting highly defensive every time the name bcash is used due to the exclusion of the word “bitcoin” from it.

      Sincerely good luck waiting for this rise to occur.

  5. Governments are going to use Ripple to buy up Bitcoin until they control the vast majority of Bitcoin. When you can print your own money you can create excitement and fear. They are going to do whatever they have to do to get you to sell your Bitcoin. Underestimate them at your peril. They employ the cleverest people in the world to do their bidding. Hold on to your Bitcoin at all cost. At least until it can create a lifestyle change for your family. This is a cryptocurrency war. People need to understand that if they hold Bitcoin they hold a very rare and sort after coin. Do not worry if the price drops dramatically. Hold for the right reasons. These banksters need to know that ordinary people will not put up with their corruption. Its time to lock them all up.

    • Wrong. Governments will not buy ripple because Ripple Labs owns majority control. Governments want to make their own crypto so they can have full control. Ripple is likely going to be bought up by banks. I do agree that one should hold on to their Bitcoin though. Don’t let the central banks and governments take our coins!

    • Use Ripple to buy up Bitcoin? How’s that theory holding out for you after all those billions disappeared from Ripple market cap yesterday and didn’t reappear in Bitcoin’s market cap? I think the magic money printers can just buy directly whatever they want. Bilderberg/Blockstream already crippled Bitcoin and the Lightening network will bankify Bitcoin once and for all. When the engineered collapse of the present financial system occurs we will be left with a crippled Bitcoin and a bunch of useless tokens…oh and FedCon, BritCon, IMFCon etc.

    • Yes, You are correct about Ripple. I posted a video about this only a few days ago. People just don’t get it. Its had mixed responses. I feel your correct. 🙂

  6. Jeff the con man pumping his brother Roger Ver’s crap coin BCash. Now their argument is BTC forked from BCH and BCH is the real Bitcoin. Lmao! These guys are unbelievable. Remember this is the guy who was pumping his memberships because of the Shemitah. Ya. Good call Jeff. Not!

    • Bcash has merits but the deployment was unnecessarily aggressive and hostile which lead to any perceptive person knowing to at the very least be wary of it. Roger and his vile band of convention friends hate the name bcash as it does not include bit in it, without the word “bit” in the name it is just another coin in the ocean, which probably cant stand on its on two feet.

      Furthermore when was the last time you saw “bitcoin cash accepted here” not often I bet essentially giving it worse problems than bitcoin core, high fees trump not being able to transact at all. Adoption would grow in time? probably not with the negative stigma attached to bitcoin cash caused by its own marketers and drama caused within the crypto space.

    • Because all the sheeple jump into it ..because they heard it their TV idiot box … not realizing how slow and expensive it is. This is why i love LiteCoin.

    • Because the banksters are pushing up the price so greedy slaves will cut their own throats, by welcoming in their own “block” and “chains” around their necks (NWO money). People are so fucking stupid, they even give you all the information and people still don’t see it. 13 bloodlines of the illuminati is the giant “B” on the front of the coin. Still as a bitcoin holder and investor, I’m vigilant and ready to move to Bitcoin Cash or Monero if needed.

  7. GoPro anounced today they reached out to JP morgan to sell the company… I Invested in go pro few months back when market cap was 2billion.. Now it’s nearing 500million…. Big companies are slowly collapsing, it’s coming.

    • CryptoCurrency Line GoPro was never a big company. GoPro also has had long time financial issues… NVIDIA has been the best stock to own for over 2 years now and while it looks now expensive, it is still a buy… Everything that has to do with artificial intelligence and deep learning revolves around NVIDIA software stacks and especially hardware…

  8. Havent seen so much bullshit without any technical knowledge in that short amount of time, thumbs down completely…

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