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Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

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58 Comments on Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

  1. ok………..ive watched forever ….but never commented …… this made me laugh 😁😁

    • relax, the market is volatile because it is still new or unknown, just let the market force go through it’s up and down before it will settle and more people will be on board

    • camacho2+ you are omnipresent! I am taking the profits of EDR and DBIX when I sell that crap I move some bucks to DNR, UBQ is at good price yo can get a 10% profit the next week!, you also need to check this ICO as long term investment.

    • actually if bitcoin becomes much faster from the soft fork it would actually hurt litecoin. but until then ltc should see some decent gains even in a bearish economy

    • Mitch King you thinking I should load up on lite before Aug 1st or right after? also, I’m waiting g for ethereum to hit bottom and try to get in at that point. when is antshares ico?

    • antshares ico is long over. Its currently at around 5 to 6 bucks and its a decent investment at that price imo. If your going to load up on ltc i would do it now or maybe wait til tomorrow on a dip. I think ltc will actually go down after august first if bitcoin becomes much faster. But many predict that ltc will be at 100 by the end of the year.

  2. Jeff you seem to change your opinions on crypto`s with the rise and fall of the markets, just admit that your bombastic advocating of the alt currencies was a mistake and perhaps even a little self serving as you have a large stake in cryto world.

  3. Being overly dramatic to downplay the fact u telling everyone to pile in at the top, suckers down 50% on their bets listening to you. Nice psy-op, though

    • Rodrigo Alvarez so you threw in the towel because of this pin head twat? Have you ever heard of buying low? Crypto are not manipulated low like gold and silver.

    • Wait a minute, did they send the newsletter in the last month? If so calm yourself, a lot of you are like chickenheads.


      FUcking A…do some research, learn how to have some balls and hold onto investments. Not rocket science, also you ain’t getting rich…you’ve shown you have no reason to be rich.

    • Well from what I’ve heard he is basically a fraud – but that said I truly believe crypto/blockchain will go to the moon. Just keep holding…

    • All of these dudes are frauds, even the ones with good intentions. None of us know the crypto market or fully understand it.

      However, as you can see in these comments there are so many LAZY APATHETIC STUPID….individuals that want to be told what to do or how to do it.

      so i see nothing wrong with what Jeff does.. its on you, plain and simple. he’s more for entertainment or for little tips that slip through etc.

      but really its obvious he is here for the uneducated…anyone really into Bitcoin follows other users.

  4. just bought another 2 ounces of Gold traded my paper fiat for it…btw
    the coin shop also has a bitcoin atm cob webs on it, guy said no one
    uses it to buy and can’t sell to it …….buy Gold buy Silver … believe in blood of Jesus for salvation…

    • Stop reading when you said *”believe in blood of Jesus for salvation”* nonsense

      Nobody can pay for your sins except you (remember that & don`t be a ignorant sheep).

    • The future is changing…. gold will fade once the new gen get a hold of crypto, you can hold on but gold is not good for much except trade

  5. “Buy when there is blood in this streets, even if the blood is your own…” – Baron Rothschild

    • Blood in the streets?… it’s nowhere near that yet, but it will be.  Intrinsic value of all cryptos (no matter what the “story” is) is ZERO.  When it gets near that, then there will be blood in the streets.

  6. True investors will take this opportunity to buy a lot of bitcoin, just saying but for those who are taking losses… YIKES, DONT SELL WAIT OUT THE STORM

    • Traders cant find enough buyers at the moment. There are that many sellers the system is back logged by allot (coinbase being one of them) – that should give you a hint….

    • Allen Berry Hi just as a matter of interest, i have found a way of expanding any business and earning at the same, included is a retention wallet ? Is that epic or what! Would that interest you ? Plus I have an updated version for Skilldragon mining interrested or do you have ?

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