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Anarchapulco 2018 – The Complete Rundown: Jeff Berwick on Declare Your Independence

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Ernie Hancock for Declare Your Independence. Topics include: the biggest Anarchapulco ever, now the conference will be live streamed (see link below) big name speakers coming, Ron Paul, Mark Passio, Ben Swann, G Edward Griffin, Jeffrey Tucker, some surprise guests as well, , a complete rundown of all that's happening and who is speaking, the importance of low transaction fees, Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, the myth of 'violent' Acapulco, CIA and Bitcoin, playing spot the fed at Anarchapulco, the Anarchapulco venue, Princess Hotel on the beach sold out for main conference days but there are other hotels nearby, other facilities in the area, politics and investment in Mexico,

Catch the Anarchapulco live stream here:

Join the Anarchapulco pool party:
Catch the Anarchapulco live stream here:

Original interview on Freedom Phoenix:


43 Comments on Anarchapulco 2018 – The Complete Rundown: Jeff Berwick on Declare Your Independence

  1. Quote from coinbase “Our engineering team has begun the final testing phase of SegWit for Bitcoin on Coinbase. ”
    I can see no reason why Bitcoin wont be big in 2018 it has the brand the world wide recognition, the ATMs, ETFs, Futures exchanges ie funds managers = liquidity

  2. 18% adoption of Segwit and you can see it in the cheaper and faster transaction , not to mention lighting network adoption etc, dont get me wrong ive got a portfolio. dont put all your money in one crypto, Ill be there next year and get my teeth done lol

  3. Roger Ver is hurting BCASH … needs to stop using Bitcoin to fill out his coffers … very sneaky and dishonest.. BCH please ? really, coming from Bitcoin booths at crypto shows ? stop tricking people and just be honest…

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