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Bitcoin November CRASH Begins…

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14 Comments on Bitcoin November CRASH Begins…

  1. They continue to smash silver. Seems like it will never end. Any thoughts on how long they can do this? I know it has confounded you as it has many of us.

  2. Man I didn’t believe your September forecast then it did happen then again now, going forward you’re on my top list to follow for cryptocurrency investment. I wish you did some analysis on alt coin as well.

  3. Bo you have made some good calls on Bitcoin, lots of credit here. However, the U.S. Stock Market crash did not happen for the whole month of October and early November. Also, the Paper price of Gold and Silver continue to get Smashed at will by the Cartel and their related entities ! ! ! When is this going to finally Turn?

    • Ricardo ubo The gold cartel’s HOURS are now numbered. HOLD your silver and gold, relax and be ready for the Biggest Surprise Gold Rush ever in the history of this world; compliments of God as He frees His people and unleashes his wrath on the elite!

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