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Lupus, Kidney failure – MMS Testimony

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10 Comments on Lupus, Kidney failure – MMS Testimony

  1. thanks for the testimonial. If you can please try upping the volume if
    possible. I know some one with lupus and would love to have her see/hear
    this. thanks again

  2. Why are you posting so many videos with no sound? It has been two years and
    you could have done something about it.

  3. Get lapel mic for god’s sake. This is insanity…..a fhcking standard video
    camera does not pick up sound very well!

  4. summary cause audio sucks, dude on tight is talking about a friend (
    occupation nurse) who was near death looking for a miracle, kidney decline,
    needing dialysis on a bunch of meds, after 21 days on 3/4 dose of chlorine
    dioxide ( which took much convincing for her to take) sh no longer needed
    dialysis, but still on suboxone and other stuff they hope will eventually
    be decontinued by continuing and improving diet

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