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G2Voice #086 Rf frequencies are TOXIC to LIFE! (5-6-2018)

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This week we are talking about why radio frequencies are toxic to life and why are there so many around us!

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19 Comments on G2Voice #086 Rf frequencies are TOXIC to LIFE! (5-6-2018)

  1. where can i get protocals ???
    i bought cds but it didnt come with any instructions or protocals??
    where can i find protocals..?
    or sld i just wing it ? eyeball it, guestimate??

  2. Sin la traducción al español no hay forma que te escuche , interactúe con uds. o escriba, les mande un mail desde mi casilla que no han contestado , es importante nuestra comunicación ya que te daría la real situación de todo, hay foros de la iglesia totalmente inactivos……..Abrazo ….Pablo.

  3. I want to go to Denver in August and I’m asking for 2 things. What’s the name of the reagae singer at the intro? Can I pay in crypto preferably litecoin or ethereum?

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