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Q&A – 452 – Autism, Trimethylaminuria, Testicular Cancer.

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07:33 – Dan – “I have a question Colostrum organic powder first 6 hours has been around for long time says heals Leaky Gut Syndrome I have some and been taking I want to know what Dr Morses thinks about Colostrum?? as far as taking it what do you think?”

22:32 – As 4 my question 2 Dr. Morse, could u ask him his thoughts on the alleged plagiarism of Paul Twitchell. Has he read the original text called “the path of the masters”? Why did he leave Eckankar?”…

33: 1-11-18 Payroll Hour Report26 – Mirjam – “We, my amazing detox roomies and I, have a question about the central nervous system. In the neuro optical form both the central and autonomic nervous system are mentioned. In the iris chart we can easily see where you look for autonomic nervous system weakness/strengths, but where in the eye would we check the central part? And what specific issues could relate to a weakened central nervous system? Also where do we find the thymus in the right eye on the chart?”

38:06 – Cindy – “I have a 19 year old son with autism and is nonverbal. I started him on chem/metal detox tincture. I just read on a parents blog, that quoted a doctor with their own chelation protocol, that using cilantro and other herbs to chelate metals, can cause them to redistribute to the colon!”…

43:20 – Have you heard of this health condition? Trimethylaminuria – a disorder more commonly know as fish-odour syndrome…

48:00 – John – Hi doc I was recently diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and I have refused surgery as I plan to beat it naturally with a little guidance my question to you is what herbs and formulas would you recommend me to buy from your website so i can get going I am currently on a grape juice and lemon water fast as of now thanks so much for your time much love.

55:09 – Susan – Hi all, just wanted to send a note to let you know with the help of your products,( eye health,upper circulation,brain & nerve, heal all tea,) I was able to dissolve e cataracts in my eyes. They have been ripe for 8-10 years, niot wanting surgery I opted to do it holistically, my eye doctor laughed at me , went to a holistic eye doc. He laughed too. So then I met you. I had an eye analysis


24 Comments on Q&A – 452 – Autism, Trimethylaminuria, Testicular Cancer.

  1. Hi Dr. I just started a raw food diet this week. I broke out in a itchy rash and it’s getting worse. What do i do?

    • expect many more itchy rashes to come. I’ve known many who go harder than I do, that still get rashers 1+ years into their healing journey because they dig deep. I have a deep scratching rash on my arm right now.

    • w’ere all really lypmphatically and genetically mesed up at this point. Some people clear up easier than faster than others. I’ve seen people say it took them 2+ years all raw to clear their acne. Marcie still has to take insulin even though most of her problems are gone after 4+ years practicing what she preachers. It’s been rough for me and I wish I could be 100% with the diet, but compared to where I was, it’s like night and day. It matters that you are taking charge for your heatlh though and continuing to use high vibrational food, herbs and fasting, to get you into a better state of being. I never used to break out in rashes like this before starting this diet, so I know it’s the deoxing. In the beginnign I had spotty rash splotches all over my stomach, now I scratch my arms till they are bumpy and bleed a little. I accept the process, it honestly could be much worse and it yet still may be. I don’t really have panic attacks anymore thanks to the fruit and detox, still some anxiety, but I’ll take dealing with detox rashes over living with panic attacks anyday. Maybe look into some anti itch herbs.

  2. My Goal is to get my eyes from brown to my natural blue again and reach as high of a health level as possible. I get more and more curious of what the truth possibilities of this human body are.
    Thanke you Dr. Morse for bringing me to this walk this journey and showing me the way how to.

  3. I will make a video just for you Dr Morse….how I refused Hospital and Killing cancer at home 😆 Big Love to you

  4. Damn ive had testicular cancer for 2 years, Hurts most days. I really need to get on this protocol, so glad i found you robert.
    You and me share the same name!

    • good luck on your journey. Make sure the check the labels on your grapes to make sure they aren’t “treated” with sulfur dioxide.

    • robertthekingful supplement in iodine lugols solution and/or paint with iodine on your testicles.
      David Browstein & Jorge Flechas have amazing work on iodine. Raw food don’t have much source of this vital trace mineral

  5. Can mercury poisoning lead to cholesterol ring (issues) or does it just occur because of the wrong foods you eat?

  6. Dr, Morse and company – you are amazing ~ i am very grateful for all the truth about our existence that you share – Thank you!!!!!

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