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Q&A – 451- Brain Issues, Parkinson’s Disease, Interstitial Cystitis, Fertility

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07:07 – Martin –“ I am a pastor. But not functioning. I am massively unwell, massively and in agony second by second. Is it possible to answer a few questions here? I am too unwell to search for answers in Dr. Morse's videos or even to phone. I have horrendous brain misery. I have ears hissing. I have some hearing loss. I have cognitive issues with severe memory loss. I can hardly function. I am zoned out like a zombie all day long. I am disconnected and in terrible anguish with these symptoms. It is relentless. I have had lyme and coinfections which were the big culprit. I realize it is way more complicated and involves adrenals, kidney, lymphatic system, inflammation etc.. I was also abused as a little boy. I would be profoundly grateful if you could respond with a few answers…. I have started the fruit diet with guidance and ordered fab4, heal all tea, parasite M , super food, and kidney bladder2. I have been on the diet since Sept 20 and the herbs should get here today. My question… can the protocol, over time, heal the deep areas of harm done by psychological trauma? I feel so helpless. I have had tons of therapy on this. And can it over time heal over time all damage done by lyme and coinfections? So you actually have a good functioning brain free of the physical tormenting misery and be able to remember and think well?”

23:41 – Sagrario – “I have been pure vegan for three years, but I have also been on the fruit, berries, melons and grapes diet for a few months. I lost a lot of weight, gained energy, and got off of all my BP medications. I was happy with those results. when winter was coming I was starting to get tired of the fruits. So I changed to RAW TILL FOUR type diet, basically fruit all day and a cooked vegan meal for dinner. In December of 2015 I did a 10 day lemon fast, that ended pulling out a huge mass (tumor) in my right breast, I got scared and stopped immediately out of fear. I've been scared of lemons ever since and I ended ignoring the tumor for a year and a half. Don't ask me why, because I don't know how I did such a thing. I kept the cook vegan approach all last year, I always ate my fruits and salads. But back in April of this year, I was forced to get back on the fruit wagon, due to an upper back pain. I've been 99% fruit since then, with a tomato and avocado salad every once in a while. And even though sometimes I want some cooked vegan soup, I don't.. because I want to get rid of these issues first. I think those cravings for cooked food, are just in my head, because now I'm not eating at all. I cant even finish a whole banana. I've only been drinking lemons, fresh orange juice, and grape juice since Julyish-August. Its almost October and I'm not seeing any results besides more weight loss. Maybe I'm not drinking enough? Should I be drinking a glass of lemon water or juice every hour, or what??? I'm drinking a glass like every 4-6 hours”…

54:00 – Jonathan – Update – Male in his 60’s with Parkinson’s.

58:24 – Erika – I’m currently living with interstitial cystitis, and vulvodynia for the past year. I also have hydrosalphinx in my left tube from a previous infection and pelvic adhesions. I’m om a raw food diet now and I’m also douching with the Heal All Tea. The past few months I’ve been in a state of severe anxiety that I’m not sure how to get out of…

01:16:44 – Caylee – Can you tell me about fertility in women? How does detoxing & living as a raw frugavore affect reproductive system for men & women? All the older ladies at work, see me bring all my juices (Orange, grape juice, & herbal teas) & herbal caps and tinctures. They like sitting me down to talk to me about health risks & dangers of being a raw foodist & occasional detox. I try not to laugh. One's daughter is in the "health" industry & very "educated" apparently and she keeps trying 2 diagnose me.


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    • Anna S If it’s dairy chocolate then the easiest way to stop eating it is to see a video about the dairy industry. When you actually see what happens to the cows your heart will be broken and you will not want to eat it.
      Here is what I recommend: Erin Janus “Dairy is f***ing scary” -video

    • Try raw carob powder and blend with dates. You can throw some avocado in there as well to make it creamier.
      It’s at least just as tasty as regular chocolate, but far healthier.

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  2. I just love this guy! Okay this is Thanksgiving they just said Happy Thanksgiving. So it’s very recent and Dr Morse looks amazing and so does Marcie.

    • +gary nemisis
      He didnt bash dry fasting. It is good and natural for intestines to not have food for a short period of time (use 2 days period of time max as optimal for health benefits).

      Animals dont have access to food 24/7 like humans which btw is only a drop in the ocean of unnatural things our species is “priviledged” to do, so it is only logical to not bash something that is a default part of the life cycle in the wild.

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