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Q&A – 446- Ayahuasca, Lyme disease, No Filtration, Malformation.

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01:02 – Josh – I am emailing you about a problem I've had since drinking Ayahuasca. After a few nights of drinking it at a retreat center in Peru my brain started shaking in pain, I became very hot needing to lay down and began waking up in the middle of the night, up for hours ever since. Likewise since then I have been experiencing a lot of head pressure around the glands in my head. Seeing black shadows on and off. Hearing mosquito sounds when there are none around, and am down to about 2-3 hours of sleep a night now. Would you have any recommendations to help me heal this strange condition? I've heard many different opinions from the Ayahuasca shaman community. Some say its a parasitic energy I picked up, others say the ayahuasca is in my brain and wasn't "programmed correctly". I was dealing with anxiety and paranoia before coming to Ayahuasca for help.

09:19 – Hanne – A friend of my cousin has a huge malformation in the arterial blood vessel, close to the arteria subcalvia. Are you to ask, but I am a huge believer and Dr.Morses protocol but I am not sure here…

17:31 – I was born with a malrotation of the intestines. When I was 7 weeks old I had surgery on my stomach and small intestines in which they attached my stomach to my abdominal wall. Been on the anticonception pill from my 14th until my 20th. When I quit I got severe acne which I am still dealing with now. I just turned 22. Been struggling with depression, borderline, eating disorders, panic, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues. Eyes show weak ovaries and liver. I eat predominantly raw. What can I do?

27:30 – Mireya – I am a 24 year old female with chronic Lyme disease( since age 11 but not diagnosed until 19) arthritis in all major joints, hypothyroidism, stage 3 adrenal fatigue( i have a lot of pain in my kidney and adrenal area) and esophagitis due to chronic acid reflux. In November of 2015 I went from Paleo to raw vegan and my POTS symptoms completely went away although my doctor tells me I still have it. In December I sent you a pic of my eyes and I did the herbal protocol that you recommended for me. I have been raw vegan until mid July of this year until I finally stopped eating salad due to poorly digesting it. I now only eat fruit, berries and melon except watermelon because I can't digest that either.

50:06 – Ryan – When we finish cleaning out our lymphatic system, we are healthy and consuming only fruit, will we still see flakes in our urine? Would it be like a snow globe every time or every so often? I have heard that the normal blood pressure for children is less than that of an adult. I also know that normal is not necessarily the same as healthy. So what is healthy for my children?

54:54 – Emilie – Conceiving our 2nd child. I had quite an intense postpartum depression and a history of bulimia) after my first birth and I don't want it to repeat. Our girl's quite healthy (no antibiotics so far, some fevers and deep coughs, but she does have craddle cap still at 2.5 years and did have eczema which is now clear). I do not want to pass on lymphatic issues to my next child. How long after cleansing should we wait to conceive? I had ear infections, itchy scalp, we're vegan going raw.

01:03:38 – Kristal – Thank you for continuing to shine your light on others. Do you believe fruit is the only way to find God? Do you believe people who eat meat can find God? Also, if people have done bad to others how do they redeem themselves so they don't come back to this world And what happens if we don't have children in this world? Can we have children in other worlds? Also, with the negative people in the world are they also a 'Godsend' like the positive people? Thank you from my heart.

01:15:11 – Lynn – My friend had a stroke 2 years ago, now 50 yrs. old. I fear she has given up hope that she can recover after losing the use of her left side. She can walk with a cane and brace. Widowed mother of 2 girls. I can't find a video for stroke victims and healing. Would you please do a video dedicated to stroke victims? It is my hope that it will give her hope to understand that life isn't over and the body can regenerate. I have also suggested hypnosis to develop new pathways.


30 Comments on Q&A – 446- Ayahuasca, Lyme disease, No Filtration, Malformation.

  1. Josh story needed to be heard.. I had adrenaline issues since birth.. ANYTHING stimulating pushed me into similar situation as Josh and alcoholic was the worst. It’s not something the doctors can explain. People do not take adrenal problems serious enuff. I was given morphine which is an opiate in hospital once and almost stopped breathing. Serious stuff. Constant adrenaline surges throughout my body that could only be stopped by using lorazepam high dose anxiety meds…. Only since this new lifestyle have I ever felt well.. Now i have the knowledge and have saved myself from death I’m sure.

    • TRUTHANDTIME Bebe Im recovering frm severe adrenal fatigue..even developed a candida infection frm a slow down colon..couldnt process food fast enough even alkaline im taking licorice root and adrenal glandular and im getting better and eating only alkaline foods..those glandulars really help

    • Yes indeed. The glandulars put me out of severe adrenal fatigue… It was not even fatigue, it was more like complete burned adrenals to where I couldn’t even get out of bed or feeling my body. Completely a mess. Finally I am feeling 80% normal after 10 months of detoxing and taking glandulars and herbs.

    • Gabriel Marques I had that..not feeling your body feeling too and felt out of breath even while laying down..mds couldnt help me..its taken so long to get the right info to get back to least ive learn some life lessons on the way

    • Yeah, had all those symptoms too. It was scary. Luckily we found Dr Morse, what a soul. Glad we pushed thru it and feel better now!!!

    • 110100 100 Atilla mentioned me. He’s my practitioner. Ever since I took mushrooms, i feel like I’m trapped in my body 24/7 instead of being my body

  2. I don’t blame them but I think the doc and Atilla don’t have an aware understanding of aya and what she does. I don’t agree with dr. morse in saying these substances are neurotoxic. They raise your vibration to help go into extreme healing and purging. Aya goes through your body and sees where you need healing. This is what I felt at the end of the ceremony where I felt in a lot of pain all of a sudden and could not get comfortable no matter where I sat, and then after a few minutes I dry heaved, and from what I assume, energetically purged out a lot of the pain – I could get comfortable again. Not to say that problems can’t be exacerbated depending because it is still a physical substance after all, but Aya often continues to work with people days to weeks after the ceremony so it’s possible some deep work is continuing to be done on the person here. Often people who don’t follow the diet or the fast have more of the “bad experiences” because everything being worked on is physical and less on higher energetic body levels. Some people get their remedy from problems on the first ceremony, but we are in such deep levels of sickness and degeneration that often I read that it takes people multiple ceremonies before they really feel “healed.” Considering that this guy had taken her several times over the course of nights, that’s pretty damn intense and I wouldn’t put it past him to be going though an extreme detox, just like dr. Morse talks about has sometimes happened with his chronic clients putting them on fruit.

    • A good thing you got rid of the pain and felt it flow away. The person in this video however did not have the same experience.

  3. Another great video from our wonderful Dr Morse! Attila is so nice, very nice soul and a pleasure to listen to, explains things really clearly too.

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