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Q&A – 425 – Lung Cancer, Severely Fatigued, Diabetes, Renal Cell Carcinoma

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05:10 – Article – The All-Fruit Diet Scam You Need To Avoid.

9:33 – Article – Children in 7th grade will be forcibly injected with HPV vaccine if they wish to remain in public school.

11:47 – Yerky – Why is it that most animals can consume anything and their bodies can adapt and handle to it, but humans have to be complicated and tricky to be in good health? Jack Lalanne age 90's, I eat fish and eggs 7 days a week. George Burns age 100 with daily martini and cigar in hand, "If I knew I was gonna live this long I would have taken much better care of myself"

23:15 – Joyce – I have watched many of your videos and have received several healings using your teachings and your wonderful herbal formulas. Through Grapes and lemons I healed a fungus in my frontal sinuses. Woke up with detox symptoms in only 5 days and got out a fungal head the size of a dime. I thought I was cured of it, but there is still more up higher in my sinuses and in my Eustachian tubes. Now I don't seem to get the detox symptoms. Please help me get this out of my body.

29:36 – Viveka – am a woman, 71 years and not ready to die.The doctors are checking me for lung cancer. 3 lumps were discovered in my lungs. They are trying to find out what it is. I have pain in my whole body and very much pressure in my head. I´m also waiting for a hip replacement. I can hardly walk. My leg has been swelling. and I belive that it is like you say, problem with the lymph system. I have had Pain killer and NSAID every day for 8 years and I am a strict vegetarian, cheese included

39:56 – Brandon – I'm severely fatigued to the point where I can barely make myself food now. I used to be an athlete before I lost naps. I can't nap ever since I took rhodiola. My adrenals are dead and I needed naps to survive. I purchased some of your formulas a while back and tried them. My kidneys filtered but the fatigue was so unbearable regardless. I was using the endocrine formula too. Still fatigued. I'm broke stuck at home waiting for disability approval. I don't know what to do. I have no support.

46:50 – Grace – Husband with Stage 4 Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma, Daughter has been diagnosed with Diabetes type 1.

01:11:20 – Ivy – I was misdiagnosed with Crohns disease 11 years ago. I still have stomach issues and am chronically dehydrated. I went vegan but am still suffering with stomach issues and dehydration. I also have Tinea Versacolor on my skin and have had it your years. I battle with chronic blatter infections and constipation. I never have energy and eat incredible clean. When I attempt to go raw I get incredibly bloated. PLEASE HELP

1:16:01 – Jessie – Would it be possible for you to give us a youtube class on the use of glandulars? I understand what to do if a stomach is hyperacidic. But I understand that a lack of hydrochloric acid can be just as problematic. How do you approach this problem? Is it correct that the stomach ring in the eye will be bright white if the stomach is overly acidic and pale yellowish brown if it is lacking acid?


29 Comments on Q&A – 425 – Lung Cancer, Severely Fatigued, Diabetes, Renal Cell Carcinoma

    • Kevin Garcia ..No. never too late……Your in the best place now to learn…👍 Good luck….

    • Kevin, that’s such a bad idea I can’t believe it. Please continue to watch Dr. Morse videos and learn how harmful that McDonald’s fake food itsfor your wonderful sweet animals. I send you love and light. I hope you will change.

  1. Instant 💕LOVE & GRATITUDE💕with all these recent videos!! Unbelievable information! Thank you Doc 💕

    • Well, don’t follow the Kardashians and think Evonka T. isn’t just another form of the insanity America faces…. With the most fortunate people distracting so many from a real life focuses; 35:31 affecting everyone’s mind, (Dr M too) held in these attention traps and loosing awareness, we our all left to a sad fate from commercialism and the like! Nothing personal, no offense. I wish you a positive and fully awakened moment to see the puzzle piece from a distance.

    • I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and began to panic and called my doctor, he told me to get used to it. He said I would be on metformin my whole life and eventually insulin. But i knew something wasn’t right I found Lisa’s diabetes story I read that article from end to end because everything the writer was saying made absolute sense. I started the diet that day and the next morning my blood sugar was down to 100 and now i have a fasting blood sugar between Mid 70’s and the 80’s. My doctor took me off the metformin after just three week of being on this lifestyle change. I have lost over 30 pounds and 6+ inches around my waist in a month. The truth is we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods

  2. The Doc is currently on a Concord Grape fast and there’s no stopping him…😆😆😆

  3. Yeah, Trumps working with people alright. They’re called Vladimir Putin and the Russian mob. And those :skilled jobs: well be in trying to muck up the environment with 20th century energy called big oil/gas and black coal. You ought to take those native items down behind you Dr.Morse because all 3 of those industries have screwed first peoples for our land rights for a long,long time and torn hundreds of sacred burial sites up! Clean,renewable energy is available and it’s pissing off the investors in old,dirty,cancer causing industries that don’t just destroy us but thousands of other ecosystems we depend on. No way in Hell Will I *ever* as a DVFW ever, ever get behind a 6 time draft dodger on ‘sore heels’,( who then went disco dancing for a decade), and colludes with enemies of this country, and Russia is one of them. Vlad ol’boy despised Hillary because she worked with the man who sanctioned him from illegally meddling in the Ukraines elections, (sounds familiar?), and has put our fine men and women in uniform on high alert more than once in his attempts to invade that country in violation of their own statehood as well as international treaty. Does he hate NATO? Oh you bet he does lol The general me and mine took orders from wouldn’t walk across a room to piss on Trump if he were on fire, but you go ahead and keep talking up that traitor. Vlad wouldn’t mind controlling the USA from a distance and y’all better wake up to that and fast because he’s got very,very dark visions for it.

    • You’ve said a mouthful. Do you feel better now? I hope you will hear all the other things this brilliant man has to tell you to heal yourself and improve your life. You can ignore the politics.

    • Joyce Bartlett Um, this is a public site and a free country. Is my post infringing on your rights? You know, the ones that me and my brothers and sisters in arms fought for? I lost people madam, and I’ve more than earned my right too speak truth. I’ll thank you not to attempt to babysit or condescend to me, stranger.

    • “Conspiracy!” One of the darkest words in the language of man. Yet there is hardly a single page of History that does not partially reveal the deadly eye of Conspiracy at work. It was a conspiracy that lead Brutus against Caesar in the Roman senate on the Ides of March…that plotted the betrayal of West Point by Benedict Arnold, during the American Revolution…that led John Wilkes Booth to the assassination of President Lincoln on Good Friday 1865. The past record of man is burdened with accounts of assassinations, secret combines, palace plots and betrayals in war. But in spite of this clear record, an amazing number of people have begun to scoff at the possibility of conspiracy at work today. They dismiss such an idea merely as a conspiratorial view – G. Edward Griffin (The Capitalist Conspiracy)

      Recommended Reading (Selected List):

      * Dope Inc – L. Larouche, W. Tarpley (& Co)
      * Treason in America – Anton Chaitkin
      * The Quartet – Joseph J. Ellis
      * Hamilton’s Curse – Thomas DiLorenzo
      * The Syndicate – Nicholas Hagger
      * The Secret History of the West – Nicolas Hagger
      * The Secret Founding of America – NIcholas Hagger
      * The Empire of the City – E. C. Knuth
      * Hologram of Liberty – Kenneth. W. Royce
      * Our Enemy: the State – Albert Jay Nock
      * An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution – Charles A. Beard
      * The Constitution That Never Was – Ralph Boryszewski
      * The Federalist Papers – Douglas Adair
      * Secret Societies of America’s Elite – Steven Stora
      * The Secret Terrorists – Bill Hughes
      * The Enemy Unmasked – Bill Hughes
      * The Real Lincoln – Thomas DiLorenzo
      * Blacklisted by History – M. Stanton Evans
      * The Ruling Elite – Deanna Springola
      * America’s Secret Establishment – Anthony Sutton
      * Trilaterals Over America – Anthony Sutton
      * The Creature from Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin
      * The Capitalist Conspiracy – G. Edward Griffin
      * The World Order – Eustace Mullins
      * Secrets of the Federal Reserve – Eustace Mullins
      * Tragedy and Hope – Dr. Carroll Quigley
      * The Anglo-American Establishment – Dr. Carroll Quigley
      * Bloodlines of the Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier
      * Our Invisible Government – Myron Fagan
      * CFR Unmasked – Myron Fagan
      * The Illuminati – Myron Fagan
      * The Invisible Government – Dan Smoot
      * The Unseen Hand – Ralph Epperson
      * Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 – J. Coleman
      * The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations – John Coleman
      * Diplomacy By Deception – John Coleman
      * None Dare Call It Treason – John Stormer
      * The Rockefeller File – Sen. Gary Allen
      * None Dare Call It Conspiracy – Sen. Gary Allen
      * Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State – Sen. Gary Allen
      * In the Beginning: Story of the International Trade Cartel – R. K. Hoskins
      * The True History of the Bilderberg Group – Daniel Estulin
      * Secret Societies & Subversive Movements – Nesta Webster
      * The French Revolution – Nesta Webster
      * World Revolution – Nesta Webster
      * Illuminsim – Nesta Webster
      * Occult Theocracy – Edith Star Mille (Lady Queensborough)
      * Architects of Deception – Juri Lina
      * Under the Sign of the Scorpion – Juri Lina
      * My Awakening – David Duke
      * Controversy of Zion – Douglas Reed
      * The Power of Israel in the United States – James Petras
      * War is a Racket – Gen. Smedley D. Butler
      * Death by Government – R. J. Rummell
      * Fifty Years in the Church of Rome – Father Chiniquy
      * The Secret History of the Jesuits – Edmund Paris
      * Vatican Billions – Avro Manhattan
      * The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance – Avro Manhattan
      * Catholic Imperialism & World Freedom – Avro Manhattan
      * The Vatican Holocaust – Avro Manhattan
      * Vatican Assassins – Eric Jon Phelps

    • Phoenix Chastaine
      We have heard the lies before. A snowflake with only the capacity to take orders, follow and parrot. I feel sorry for you spewing deceit so casually it sounds so real. It might be to you but people are waking up to you and to all you dinosaurs so you and your thinking is a thing of the past. Go have a Happy Meal to feed your decayed mind.

  4. Abigail. I love u Dr Morse. U inspire me with your knowledge on health. I’m 32 yrs “young” (quoting you), a Nigerian with 2 kids. I am diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma with a tumor on my right kidney I don’t have the zeal to send my numerous questions but u’ve been answering some of my questions.I’m on fruits berries and melons cos I’m very thin. Can’t stay on the grape and lemon fast alone. I feel so sick with pains, malaria and typhoid right now. Can I take Malaria and typhoid herbal teas? What can I do? Plz my American Doc help me.Can u list the fruits and veggies that are good for me? Till I have the cash for all your formulas I need? Cos I was told by a Doc to avoid lemon, grapefruit, Oranges, tangerines, lime, plantain (ripe), banana, corn, Guava, Avocados,and almost all veggies and so on. I’m so limited but I want your advice and yours alone. I want God’s way plsssssss.

    • Eyekomiogban Suzzy I wish you all the luck on your healing journey. Don’t listen to your doctor! Eat as much high water content fruit as you can. Fruits are more healing than veggies. Watch a lot of Morses videos to learn more about the disease proces. You can do this! There is always hope, believe in yourself.

    • Hi Eyekomiogban Suzzy, there are so many herbs and fruits to help you clean your lymphatic system and also help your kidneys which will lead to filtration and then help your adrenal glands. Research the herbs that help move lymph and help your kidneys and all glands. I personally have looked at the ingredients on Dr Morse Gland tonic and adrenal tonic, for convenience you can buy them ready made or you can get the bulk ingredients and make your own formula. You must go raw, it’s so important and avoid meats and dairy. I had lumps and bumps all over my body and by consistently drinking heal all tea, making and taking my own formulas, cutting out meat, stopping smoking, limiting my intake dairy, making smoothies (fruit only) and having raw of salads and lightly steaming veggies, the lumps and bumps have progressively got softer or disappeared. I couldn’t believe it when I started filtering, it was the most amazing thing. When I saw the cholesterol rings in my eyes disappear (and it only took a few months) I knew I was onto a really good thing because I could see results in real time. It took me a year of consistently doing this, though I wasn’t always perfect, I dedicated myself to doing this and I will never go back to the way I used to be. This beautiful soul Dr Morse has been sent here to remind us of the foods of what we’re meant to eat to Thrive (and it’s my truest hope that you thrive my dear sister). What I have come to learn is the most beautiful thing is the foods we’re meant to eat are absolutely delicious when eaten RAW (no cooking needed) Fruits, berries, melons. The foods we’re not meant to eat or should limit eating don’t taste good raw, and that’s because it’s my opinion that we’re not meant to eat them. Anyway, I send you so much love on your health journey. All the best.

  5. Why is some 40 50 yr olds so healthy and on the fruit or veggie diet for years but look so old and the skin is all wrinkly and some 40- 50 yr olds look like there 20 and soft skin and so many opinions out there on this and curious what is your take and why??

    • Spiritual Outlaw we all have different genetical weaknesses and all have damaged our bodies in different ways

  6. A news flash over the TV-the medical professionals say that neurological diseases can be found in the eyes>said to my husband-see I told you sooooo

  7. That would be great to see Dr Robert Morse on Discovery Channel! It will open the eyes of so many people!!!!!! Wishing to see that happen!!!!!

  8. You saved my life also. I have helped many people with your knowledge. God has a special place for you when that time comes (I only hope it is never).

  9. “It’s enough to say” this man is a blessing! Thank you for all the time you give to helping us heal our minds and bodies. Dr. Morse, so much love and light to you sir!

  10. You are a true gift to the world dr morse. I’m currently healing myself from numerous conditions I was told were incurable. was born with blue eyes and at 6months old they started going brown green. we’ll see maybe I’ll get the blue back. nothing but the best for you. ethically vegan and healthy raw vegan hugs

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