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Mike and Vaughn with Dr. Morse and Marcie.

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Mike and Vaughn with Dr. Morse and Marcie.


45 Comments on Mike and Vaughn with Dr. Morse and Marcie.

  1. God bless you Dr. Morse. Alisa attended your resent class on Detoxification. Thank you Sir For your fine teaching and we love you and pray God’s blessings upon you. Keep in touch…..

  2. This is great. These bring me up. It’s the one thing that shines light into my spirit. And I continue to learn with each talk. Much gratitutde.

  3. My doctor tries to give me a tetanus vaccine every year at my physical, I refuse every time.

  4. I have been tested and told I have MTHFR. Now I am confused. I will load up on the fruits mentioned, especially watermelon. Thanks for the great info.

  5. 8mm kidney stone discovered Sunday, stent put in to move help remove infection, emergency surgery. Been in hospital 3 days. The food offered is mostly poison here. Any suggestions?

    • Fruits, fruits fruits. Stay away from the poison and maybe call Dr. Morse’s office. Dr. Morse is the best naturopath on this planet. Please don’t allow them (hospital) to keep you trapped in the hamster medical wheel. I want you to heal and be well.

    • I echo what Sandy says, definately get in touch with Dr Morse, eat nothing but fruit or grape juice (raw) and take any lymphatic herbs or fab four tinctures you can get hold of.. I wish you all the best and may God supremely bless you! 🙂

    • Freshly squeezed lemon juice (do not use pre-squeezed lemon juice) in water really helps round out kidney stones and makes them easier to pass. I also sprinkle a really light dusting of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) on the top of each drink to make the PH alkaline. Drink as much as you can handle. I always have a huge bowl of fresh lemons on hand and drink it daily.

  6. Are green eyes actually blue eyes with yellow sulfur covering all the blue. What is the timing to clear up a green eye to blue?

  7. Kids should start their education again by learning the trivium method. It would help them immensely in life. So sad that this method has been taken away from the public educational system.

  8. Thank you so much , these videos keep thousands of US going on and pushing ahead 🍏🥥🍉🍌😋
    Much gratitude and blessings

  9. Very educational, love it how the guy with (spirt health) tee trying to make it easy👍👍👍

  10. They mention in the video that children would choose fruit over veggies. I cannot get my 3 year old daughter to eat any fruit. Any suggestions? She only likes water and I can only add a very small amount of cranberry juice in the water, if she tastes or smells any other juice (except lemon or lime) at all she will stop drinking it. Since cranberry is not sweet I am only able to add a tablespoon of it without her knowing. She will drink lemon water with the lemons floating in the water but is that good enough. All she will eat is cookies, chicken nuggets, fries, bread, crackers, brownies, and on occasion vegan fig bars. Everyone tells me as she gets older she will eat more fruit and not to worry. She did eat a lot of baby food fruits and veggies from year one until year 2 1/2 and refused to eat it anymore once she tried other food. I peeled a grape and cut it in quarters and she would not try it. I had to squeeze it in her mouth and she cried and said that her tummy hurt. Someone told me she has to taste it to acquire a taste for it but I hate having to do it this way.

    • Junk food is addictive and she is already addicted to it and must get it out of her system. If you feed here nothing but fruit (not cooked!) for a week for example, at some point she will be hungry and will take it. You can stop the vicious circle of bad foods now, don’t wait until it’s too late.

    • Kathleen LeMaire That would be such a challenge!
      Dr. Morse is saying sometimes that if someone experiences pain in stomach from eating raw it is that they are quite acidic. He then recommends to start with cooked apple pudding with some cinnamon… see how that will go, if her tummy will still hurt. Get her to eat that for a week or 2. Also try bananas. Make sure they are nice and ripe and sweet and delicious (need to have brown spots). See if she’d like different type of fruits. Maybe apples, sweet pears, my son loves rasberries 😂.
      Persimmons are delightful too, mangoes😊.
      Also try a fruit smoothie maybe? Kids should drink anythink with straw 😊.
      Gees that just requires so much patience…
      My son loves meat and all junk food. I always make him for breakfast banana smoothie with freshly squeezed orange juice, ginger and a half tea spoon of turmeric with pinch of pepper. It is not his favourite food but he drinks it…. with the straw…
      Don’t give up Kathleen, be patient. Try out different ‘tricks’, different approaches, different fruit… I gave up for a while, then got back into it. It is really really tough.
      Give yourself a break and exercise detached love 😊 because I bet it worries you that your child demands unhealthy food. You can only do your best.
      Lots of love to both of you and good luck ❤❤❤❤

    • Ella Youel thank you so much for your valuable tips and advice. I am going to try them out. Thank you so much!

    • Hi
      try smoothies especially with a lovely ripe banana and maybe piece of apple or strawberry . Do not mix more than two pieces of fruit in the beginning . Watermelon on its own smoothie or cut in chunks is fine too . When she is playing and thirsty THAT is the right time to give her the fruit smoothie.
      I would continue the water and lemon , very good she likes it at this age , it is the best . I would not continue with cranberry juice in water VERY ACIDIC . See dr Morse comments on cranberry juice.
      Hope this helps 😊

    • I had the exact same issue! It IS harder with the 3-6 year old group. My 10 year old has taken to this diet much better because he can intellectualize the whole purpose behind it. My 5 year old is a slave to his taste buds and fungus/bacteria which give him cravings. And no you can’t force them or give them no alternative food. Anyone who says that clearly doesn’t understand the stress a hungry toddler can cause on everyone! So, I make “ice cream” every morning. I blend (not juice) frozen banana, mango, pineapple, maybe peaches. (Nothing with seeds like berries. My toddler refuses to eat if if it’s not perfectly smooth). I blend it with distilled water if it’s not catching the blade well (pre thaw for 15 minutes). I then use all natural sprinkles to decorate the bowl of “ice cream”. when I have time I cut fresh strawberries into hearts to decorate it further. In the very beginning of trying this I had to bribe them with 4 nondairy chocolate chips after they ate their bowl of “ice cream”. But at some point the chocolate chips mysteriously run out 😜. I give him sliced apple but he begs for sun butter to which I say he can only have sun butter after he has the Apple and there are days when the Sun butter also mysteriously runs out. I think that for the average working mom with a sensitive toddler, transitioning to this diet you need to go really slow. expect it to take a year because you want to keep love at the forefront don’t fight about food don’t worry you don’t have to follow all the rules right away. simply reward him with love, kisses, smiles, high fives even a star chart if you need to for eating healthy food. I think getting children off meat is easy when you tell them the truth about how that meat comes to the table you don’t have to scare them or show them any graphic videos at all you just tell them the truth that chicken nuggets were once living creatures. Offer them all natural lollipops as a treat for eating fresh food all day. You take away the meat and the cheese and start to try to take away your starches although I know that pasta is hard to give up for kids. So you start by making the pasta vegan. You must go slowly one step at a time and make it a non-violent, nonaggressive non-punitive transition keep love at the center of all things! If you have to give him bread one day because you are totally stressed out then do it because stress is worse and you can start again tomorrow. As long as you and the children know that you were going vegan let the transition be slow it’s fine!! And give lots of positive feedback. Also be an example say how good you feel after this breakfast say Yum every time you eat fruit talk about how your body is changing. But most of all it’s about love. If the food battle causes stress and reduces love let him win the food battle and you’ll try again another day.

  11. I honestly feel blessed to of found dr Morse’s channel and have an understandings now of disease and the lymphatic system, I am currently studying to become a registered nurse and I am amazed just how little they are teaching us of the lymphatic system. They don’t even touch on the subject of lymph and diet related issues that are affecting it, like dr Morse says though they just don’t understand it, they’re always focusing on blood and homeostasis but lymph doesn’t even get a look in.

  12. I went and saw Vaughn at Spirit of Health 4 years ago. At that time he was teaching the GAPS diet, which is centered around high fat, bone broth soup, flesh, and fermented foods including dairy. No fruit whatsoever. I followed his advice. Needless to say my health continued to suffer and get much worse. Years later my heart opened up to Dr. Morse’s teachings. After a month of a high fruit diet I finally started healing and feeling much better. It was profound. I’m happy to see Vaughn here learning about the Dr. Morse way of healing with the fruit and herbs. I just wish we both would have known this information earlier. It would have prevented lots of needless suffering.

    • Amen Peter. This is Vaughn. So sorry for the poor advice in the past! We are all seeking the truth! (-:

    • If I knew what I learned recently from dr Morse I would have NOT eaten the dairy products I did when I was pregnant 16 yrs ago and I would have been more conscious of what I gave to me son especially when he was young and I myself would have eaten fruits berries and melons throughout my life ! I now suffer from certain conditions due to my lack of knowledge. We are ALL SEEKING THE TRUTH , we all took the so called wrong road that led us no where . THANK GOD for dr Morse and for ALL the people who help us and give us more info. 🍉🍏🍍❤️BETTER LATE THAN NEVER . AMEN

  13. I just learned yesterday that I have a redundant colon. This explains everything and also solidifies the fact I need to get more serious about my diet and lifestyle.

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