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Dr. Morse and Dr. Erica Grenci, N.D.

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Dr. Morse and Dr. Erica Grenci.


35 Comments on Dr. Morse and Dr. Erica Grenci, N.D.

  1. Awesome!! I love this, thank You Dr Morse and Dr. Grenci!! thanks so much for being apart of what Morse is doing Erica, Good for You and I hope You do more conversations with Morse! Great discussion and Insight, as always!! I love You Both! <3 🙂

  2. Everytime I try to get Dr. Morse’s teachings out to main stream media – no-one wants to listen and I seem to come upon a wall of hate. It’s very disheartening.

    • I know how you feel! But don’t let it stop you! These people are not at the same level of consciousness yet. I’m just so happy that I’ve found the truth and it turned my life around for the better. If people don’t want to believe me or listen I let them go and think well you are missing out big times ;). I try not to get angry because it will only hurt myself.

    • Elaine BB
      Nothing I am saying is hateful it is the truth of the matter.
      “ask the thousands of people he’s helped before you criticize him…” I have spoken to many of them and many of them are suffering from his malnutrition protocol and no longer follow him. I did it myself for over a year. How about you talk to the over 1000 people in the FB group dedicated to recovering from his protocol. There are plenty of horror stories, Followers like to only look at positive stories and disregard the negative ones.

  3. LOOKING GOOD DR. MORSE ………PLS can u do a video on solely women’s health concerns eg. Breast Lumps, Pigmentation, varicose & spider veins, chronic constipation especially during menopause, hot flushes and weight gain, osteoporosis during menopause, Binge Eating disorder, thyroid, Migraine, Yeast Infections and anything you might think of interest to women. BLESSINGS ALWAYS

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